Saturday, June 21, 2008

So Much for Change.............

It’s time for those who voted in the Democrats,
“the party of change”,to stand up and admit that they were wrong. Yes, we’ve had change,but it has been all downhill. And now, they want us to buy “change” again........ thanks,

Thanks to their head-in-the-sand attitude, we are on the verge of
paying $10 per gallon for gasoline, with no end in sight. If Obama
gets into office, forget about ever having a nickel in your pockets. His idea of alleviating the problem is to raise the gasoline taxes (isn’t that always the Democrats idea of how to solve things?). That will only invalidate his claim that he wants to help the middle class..... because we will be spending $75-$100 per week to get to work.

The sensible solution, of opening up offshore drilling and opening up Anwar, never crosses the Liberal’s minds. Maybe because so much of what’s up there (in their heads) is cobwebs and dust. And surveys back me up on that. According to research groups, this Congress has the distinctive record of being the LEAST PRODUCTIVE CONGRESS in the history of the US. No surprise there...........I could have told you that before election day.

The Democratic smear machine did such a great job of making the American voter think that all the Republicans in office were either
crooks or liars, that they “stole” control of the Congress. It turns out that the Democratic party holds the record on that too. Check the facts, and you will see that scandal to scandal, the Democrats hold the record for the largest number of Congressmen and ex-Congressmen, who have conviction records for misdemeanors and felonies..... and that’s not including “pending” cases.

Obama calls for raising gasoline taxes, developing alternate energy sources and conservation.............and ridicules McCain’s plans of a summer holiday for gasoline taxes, opening up offshore drilling and possibly even the Anwar preserve, and authorizing more
Nuclear plants Barack claims that McCain’s plans wont help for another 8 to 15 years, while we need help now.

But what about those “alternate” energy sources? Let’s explore them! We’ve been experimenting with Solar for 35 years........and it barely supplies 1% of US energy needs. The same for wind power.....with the possible exception of the Congress........... if we could harness them, our problems would be solved overnight. Nancy Pelosi, the biggest windbag of them all, made all kinds of promises when she became Speaker of the House. She was going to have a "working" House, full of bi-partisan cooperation. To date, she has yet to deliver on one of those promises. Oh, she asked for a larger airplane, in keeping with her status, and managed to throw monkey wrenches into Bush’s Energy Bills, but that has been it.......except for maybe trying to stop funding for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just as the liberals couldn’t accept the fact that George W. Bush WON the election in 2000 (in spite of their lying claims), and more decisively in 2004, they can’t accept the fact that it’s their own stupidity that ham-strings them. They are the one party
in the US political system that has continuously managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Something tells me that they will do it again in 2008. I’m on the record with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We can thank big oil for stifling the alternate energy sources and the worthless
    politicians for doing nothing but dog and pony shows.

    Nancy Pelosi does not need an airplane. Her broom will do just fine. It's time for a change alright. Changing out politicians who aren't worth the paper that their paycheck is written on. Easily, over 500 of them.

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    There is an alternative energy source that you need to reckon with, Helium-3. It is clean fusion material that costs $2 Million a pound, and can be found in great quantity in the rocks of the Moon. it got there via Solar Wind. Moon Flights are Economically Feasible because of this Wonder Fuel. it's not exactly the Tri-Lithium of Star Trek, but it will do.

    Petrochemicals will not totally be phased out because of Helium-3, as the chemical properties of petroleum are still intact. As a fuel, it does have its contaminants that remain on Earth. Helium-3 produces as a "waste product" Helium-4 which makes Blimp Flight more feasible for commuting, or alternatively, Helium-4 can just simply be allowed to float out into Space.

    Even Petroleum replaced Horses, a great source of environmental proplems [especially Tetnus] in the 19th Century and before. Additionally, Petroleum helped save the Whales, as it replacedhale Oil for Lighting Fuel.

    Moral: Let Markets Work!