Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Stupid Remark!

That’s a boy, Obama.......... Sometime’s its better to
remain silent and have people think you are stupid,
than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!

Add this one to his long, long list of ridiculous or
supremely impractical proposals, and you have an
improving picture of who this man Obama really is!

Today’s Rasmussen Reports states............Barack
Obama said yesterday that “instead of worrying about
whether immigrants can learn English,” Americans
“need to make sure your child can speak Spanish.”
Nothing like a blatant attempt to garner the Spanish
vote in the US.

A national telephone survey conducted last month by
Rasmussen Reports found that U.S. voters overwhelmingly
disagree with the presumptive Democratic presidential

This man is a total danger to America, and would drag
us down to the level of a Third World Country, by among
other things, forcing a multi-lingual society on us.
It’s bad enough now, that you can’t converse with half
the people who are in “customer service” in many companies,
can you imagine what his proposal would bring? Chaos would
be putting it mildly!

Obama is heavily influenced by Europe, but have you noticed
that in France they wont speak English to you, even as a visitor? French for the French! That is even reflected in Quebec....... where they turn their noses up if you try to
speak English to them. HOWEVER...... Obama totally ignores
the GOOD from France. Like the fact that they get 87% of
their electricity from nuclear power....... a fact that he conveniently ignores.

It is now obvious that those who were so enamored by this
“flash in the pan” contrived and created candidate, are
beginning to see where he is coming from. Finally, a
light at the end of the tunnel, which IS an oncoming train.

New polls show Obama slipping in many states.... among
them one of the Democratic strongholds.................
my home state, New Jersey. The Party of failure has always
called this one of their “guaranteed” wins. Well guess what? is no longer the unwritten rule that if
you are Republican or Conservative and live in New Jersey...
don’t bother to vote, because the Electoral Votes belong to
the Democrats. More and more the Republican strongholds
within the state are making their voices heard......... and
I doubt that Lautenberg will make it to Congress after November this year.

I predict that McCain will trounce Obama on Election Day,
and take back some of the Congressional seats deceptively
taken by the Democrats in the last cycle. Pelosi and Reid had their chance to back their lies and empty promises with action, which obviously didn’t come! This Congress holds the all-time record as the least capable and productive in history........9% approval rating. And they have the gall to point to President Bush, who holds a 25% rating.

When it comes right down to it, the voters will see through
this ruse that the Democrats and the Main Stream Media have fostered upon the American people. This Obama is not the
“savior of the country” as he has been promoted. He is
divisive and controversial and cut from the same lowly public servant cloth as all the other ambitious politicians that
have come up from the liberal ranks. The only difference
between him and them was the ‘perceived’ one, that he would
be the instrument of change, because he was not a
“Washington insider”. Well.............guess what? He not
only hid his true self from the voters, he may even have
fooled his own party.......................(but I doubt it)!


  1. Anonymous11:13 AM


    You are far too optimistic about the election and Senator John McCain, who is little more than a carbon copy of John Kerry with an R after his name. I agree with you that it would be an absolute disaster if Obama was elected. That would be Obomnible. The trouble is that such is far too likely an event.

    I would like for you to go to [] and actually tell me what John McCain has going for him for this election. I want you to use the Alan Lictman 13 Keys version of the Keilis-Borok Presidential Election Model.

    My score was Obama 7-6, indicating that Obama will win a close 1% margin Election. Alaphiah has indicated a similar opinion. With the throwing of Phil Gramm under the bus by declaring that a Recession was on, McCain has already thrown away two of the keys which he needs for his Election. McCain is certainly no Paragon of Political Wisdom.

    McCain is going to need a couple of heavy duty miracles to win. True, Obama does shoot himself in the foot a lot, but that's not enough for a McCain win. Obama has to aim true for the head in order to do McCain any good.

    I'm saying that Obama is Incompetant, but not that Incompetant that he would lose to McCain.

    I await your response, Brooklyn.


  2. You have it. McCain WILL WIN!

    Just on the energy situation alone, Obama is in the dark ages. No drilling, no nukes, no gas tax holiday.

    And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    He just lost the middle class vote.

  3. Anonymous5:21 PM


    Even if I concede that everything you say is correct, the fact still remains that McCain still has to be elected. I gave you a link to a model that has been used by the Old Soviet Union to predict the results of Presidential Elections going all the way back to the Civil War, with 100% success.

    I would like for you to use that model to score the current Election:


    Key 1 - Obama has the party Mandate.

    Key 2 - No serious Incumbent Party Contest, favoring McCain.

    Key 3 - No sitting President, favoring Obama.

    Key 4 - A Significant Third Party - Bob Barr, fovoring Obama

    Keys 5 & 6 - Poor SHort & Long Term Economy, favoring Obama and needlessly conceded over the Phil Gramm flap.

    . Seven More Keys - skipped
    . for brevity.

    Final Score: Obama 7, McCain 6.

    While your optimism is laudible, it is rooted in wishful thinking and not in reality.

    Again, please go throuth the model and tell me hou you honestly score it. Alaphiah & I have done so and the result is a narrow 1% Obama victory from both of us.