Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scaring Kids to Save the Planet!

Kevin Rudd, Australian Prime Minister
PSYCHIATRISTS have detected the first case of "climate change delusion"—Andrew Bolt, reporter for the Herald Sun

A Seventeen year old adolescent (which Mr. Bolt referred to as a man) was admitted to the psychiatric unit at Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne in Melbourne Australia.

The boy was diagnosed as depressed, delusional and given to visions of apocalyptic events.

According to Bolt the boy also developed the belief that, due to climate change, his own water consumption could lead within days to the deaths of millions of people through exhaustion of water supplies." He became too terrified to even drink according to the report. (see story)

So now Global warming fear mongers have succeeded in scaring the water out of a 17 year old kid with their incessant droning-ons about “apocalypse now” also known as climate change, well that was their intent. Right!

There is nothing like a scared global population when you are attempting to impose a global taxation scheme to the tune of $45 trillion dollars.

You thought we had it bad in America? You do realize that Australia has newly elected Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on his platform to fight global warming unlike the Conservative John Howard he defeated.

Under Rudd’s leadership the whole government of Australia has given in to global warming hysteria to which some of its children are now afraid to drink water for fear that, that too will cause climate change.

Rudd paints his own picture of earth’s doom:

"If we do not begin reducing the nation's levels of carbon pollution, Australia's economy will face more frequent and severe droughts, less water, reduced food production and devastation of areas such as the Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu wetlands."—Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia

Rudd has a James Hansen like Al Gore has, he is Professor Ross Garnaut and he is also in the climate change scare business.

"Australians must pay more for petrol, food and energy or ultimately face a rising death toll . . ."—Professor Ross Garnaut

No wonder the children in Australia are peeing in their pants!

In the United State both candidates, Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain have indicated that they too will back the theory of anthropogenic climate change which only means that they too are willing to scare teens and babies for the huge moneyed interests who are promoting global warming for dollars.

Climate change delusion, we already knew that Al Gore, James Hansen and the like were delusional but now they are affecting and scaring our kids and that is not acceptable.

The media needs to cease and desist in aiding these fear monger’s attempts to extort money from the world’s people and tell the truth concerning the cooling earth that scientist say that is actually occurring.

At the very least, stop scaring our kids with bogus climate change claims!

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