Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The Dems have just come up with a plan........... (finally),
but one that has no chance in hell, of ever working.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi intend to block the lifting of the
offshore drilling ban. In their infinite wisdom, and against
the wishes of a very large majority of American voters, the
congressional Democrats will do all they can to prevent
President Bush’s lifting of the offshore drilling ban from
becoming fact.

What is wrong with these morons? Are they that stupid
naturally, or did they have to take special “Congressional
Idiot” courses? With each passing day they show that
their heads and their asses are totally interchangable,
that they took office under false pretenses. As usual,
Democrats campaign promises in no way correlate to fact.

Talk to any first-year economics student, and he/she will
tell you that when the US federal government legislates or
regulates who may buy what on the world market, the trading
simply moves offshore. What good will it do to prevent
oil speculators from running up the market in the US, when
we can only “control” less than 15% of the world’s oil output.
The best that can happen is these speculators will move offshore,
out of reach of the US government, and the idiots who came
up with such a brilliant idea.

Of course it never occurred to them that by immediately
authorizing offshore drilling, opening up Anwar, using the
billions of barrels of shale oil in the Rockies, and authorizing
immediate construction of 45 new nuclear power plants......
we could see improving oil prices thoughout the world in a
couple of months. All that the markets need is the FEAR
that the US will become energy independent quickly, and
you will see prices fall like a lead balloon. The speculators
will tread cautiously, for fear of stepping into the deep end
of the pool, and the Saudis will have to increase production
in order to retain the income to which they have become

Once the urgency is addressed, we can proceed with research
into wind, solar, water and biofuels, which will take much
longer to become a reality, than tapping the oil we know is
in the ground.

In addition to moving toward energy independence, these actions
will create millions of new jobs, and prevent the “tax and spend”
liberals from completely ruining the country. The last thing we
need on top of the present oil crisis, is for some self-serving idiot like Obama to get into office and raise taxes on EVERYONE. If you take a look at his plan, IN DETAIL, his idea of “rich” is anyone making over $50,000 per year. Even if you believe the hype
that he is going to “reduce” your taxes by $1,000, he hides very
well, the undisputable fact that when he allows the Bush tax cuts
to expire...... your taxes will actually RISE by $1,500.00

Don’t blame me,..........I didn’t vote the Democrats into office,
you did!


  1. I didn't vote for these worthless parasites either. Osama, err Obama
    should provide the finishing touches
    to an already sinking economy. The whole
    lot of them deserve to be tarred and feathered and run out on a rail.

    I notice the only thing that comes out
    of Washington is hot air. Every important issue is gridlocked for one reason or another. Makes me wonder is destruction of the economy is their
    real goal. Hello, NAU!

  2. The far left wants to hold us hostage to their idea of a "world government".

    If we are reduced to the 3rd rate power status (as in Europe) we will have no choice but to fall into line.

    Hence Obama's "Citizen of the World" theory.