Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lights cameras, action!

Sen. Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Kabul

It's all fake! It’s the making of the image of a President named Obama. One might call it high drama; I would call it fantasy on the scale of the new Batman movie the Dark Knight. I’m just waiting to see if Keith Ledger’s nomination for an Oscar will be in any way threatened.

Andrea Mitchell just blew up Sen. Obama’s foreign policy burnishing. Chris Matthew’s leg may tingle whenever he hears Barack Obama speak but even a tingling Chris Matthew’s leg wouldn’t help Sen. Obama now.

Obama’s campaign hoped a few pictures with foreign dignitaries and touring the war zone would give the Senator foreign policy credibility by osmosis not to mention the Senator took a plane load of reporters to record the Senators every step.

But wait according to Andrea Mitchell, Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for NBC News up to this point no reporter has been allowed within arms length of the Senator.

Everything coming out of this trip is completely staged to ensure that the Senator doesn’t make one of the gaffes that he so frequently makes. There has not been one substantial interview by a real reporter. What’s so incredible about this is Mitchell breaks this story and Chris Matthews attempts to continue on with glowing accolades of his hero as if Ms. Mitchell didn’t just bring the whole house down on this made for TV Obama fiction. (see video)

Obama in Iraq a place that by all Democrat accounts Obama shouldn’t even be in, because according to Sen. Harry Reid, Congressman John Murtha and the good Sen. Obama himself the war in Iraq was lost. And Iraq is now under the control of al Qaeda.

What?!? That isn’t so? That’s not the reality of Iraq? The surge actually did work? Iraq is stable enough for a United States presidential hopeful to visit and tour with an entourage of news and campaign filmmakers who will use this trip as a campaign ad for Sen. Obama.

I can’t wait! But in all fairness, I must admit that any campaign ad that I see coming out of the middle east and Europe featuring Sen. Obama will only remind me of how wrong he, his Democrat allies and the Liberal leaning media was about Iraq and the surge. I will see any ad or news account as proof that the Republicans were right and that they alone are deserving of winning in the House, the Senate and the White house in November.

Oh wait a minute Obama’s not using the real reporters that he took to cover his trip, that’s almost as low as planting questions in a democrat debate to make one look good. I guess Obama and Clinton do have some things in common. Clinton plants questions and Obama fakes foreign policy tour movies.

Here’s another movie term, “cut.” Senator Obama will probably hear that term after the fake media and fake film crew wrap up filming his descent on Iraq, only thing is when the Democrats use that term “and run” is usually attached to it!


  1. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Did Barak walk on water or did he turn water into wine in Iraq?

  2. Excellent post, Alaphiah!

    You called it as you see it, and you are 100% right on.

  3. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Obama comes to Brownsville!!!

    Wind Gusts up to 140 mph!!!

    Ooopsss! My mistake! it's only Obama surrogate Hurricane Dolly!