Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Woman is "Wacko"!!!!!

I heard Nancy Pelosi's desperate attempt to take
major swipes at President Bush, as incompetent
and helpless. Well, if he is, it is 100% the
fault of the liberals in Congress.

Have you looked at approval ratings lately? She
had the gall to mention that he now has the lowest
approval rating since he first got into offiice.
Duhhhhhhh........ but she totally failed to mention
that because he is President, legislation that fails
to pass is usually blamed on the man in charge.

It just so happens that most of what Bush has tried
to do since the 2004 elections (misguided at best)
has been thwarted by a partisan and bitter Congress.
Had this pathetic excuse for a Congress (18% approval
rating, by the way) passed worthwhile legislation and
reversed the ban on offshore drilling, we probably
would not be in the situation that we are in right
now. Not with the economy, nor with the high gasoline

So Nancy, ............. let's put the blame where it
really belongs. Squarely on the shoulders (or hips
as the case may be) of the current "do-nothing" Congress,
with the WORST APPROVAL RATING EVER, in the history of
the United States Congress.

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