Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama In Iraq

Sen. Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki
On Monday, [Sen. Obama] inspected the southern city of Basra, where an Iraqi-led offensive launched in March broke the control of Shiite militias with suspected links to Iranian forces.

Anbar, meanwhile, was the birthplace of the Sunni insurgency and scene to some of the intense urban battles of the war that Obama has long opposed.
—Associated Press
Just the sound of it is astonishing. The sheer irony of this moment should not be lost on anybody! The fact that any United States Democrat can set foot in Iraq is a tribute to President George Bush and the Republicans.

Sen. Obama should have taken out his prayer rug faced west toward the White house, fell on his knees and prayed for the long life of President Bush then the Senator should have repented from his sins of cursing Iraq into the hands of al Qaeda by supporting Democrats efforts to sabotage the United States war efforts all along the way by chanting the Democrat mantra, “We can’t win in Iraq, we can’t win in Iraq!”

Not only that, Democrats including Sen. Obama, were convinced that the surge would not work.

The fact that Sen. Obama is able to travel to a former hotbed of the Sunni insurgency to talk with tribal leaders is a Republican victory, the fact that Sen. Obama could sit in an ornate gold-colored chair next to the Anbar governor, Maamoun Sami Rashid al-Alwani, is a Republican victory, the fact that he also met with Sheik Ahmed Abu Risha, the older brother of Abdul-Sattar Abu Risha, a leader of a Sunni revolt against al-Qaida in Iraq, that too is a Republican victory.(see story)

This trip should be called the “Democratic we were wrong, the Republicans were right Magical Middle East tour”

The fact that Sen. Obama can talk about an "aspirational timeline, with a clear date," for the departure of U.S. combat forces once again is a Republican victory because we all know that if the United States of America were under Democrat leadership we would have cut and run like Sen. Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, Congressman John Murtha and all of the Democrat Congressional leadership along with all of the Democrat leaning media all wanted to do.

For any Democrat to stand in the Middle East and pretend that they know something about foreign policy is a Sen. Hillary Clinton fantasy flight over Bosnia situation. There was no sniper fire as Sen. Clinton imagined as there is nothing that Sen. Obama can do to get foreign policy credentials on a trip, that if his and fellow Democrats’ policies had been enacted, he would not have been able to take!

This whole trip is an attribute to Republican leadership that has produced safety all around the world. Apparently Sen. Obama felt save enough to visit what used to be an al Qaeda stronghold that was taken over by the policies that he and other Democrats fought so hard to defeat.

Republicans should be proud that even a Democrat who was wrong about the war in Iraq can go to Iraq and see the Iraq is not lost to al Qaeda, we are not losing in Iraq and there is progress politically and militarily in Iraq.

When Sen. Obama gets back he ought to go over to the White house and thank President Bush personally for not listening to him and his fellow Democrats about Iraq and then he should apologize for all of the things that he said that were clearly wrong and clearly politically motivated.

But that’ll never happen that’s just my little flight over Bosnia fantasy!


  1. Funniest thing since the old Milton Berle Show!!!

    He's good!

  2. To bad we don't have an cabinet position for Court Jester, Obama would fill that nicely and McCain could use the help with writing jokes!

  3. So Osama, err Obama proved that he can go to foreign countries and smootch butt!
    accomplishments = 0

  4. Wrong, RC.....

    He succeeded in showing a lot of undecides just what a phony he is.