Monday, July 21, 2008

Poor Democrats they think that an Obama field trip equals foreign policy credentials

Sen. Barack Obama
“What you’re about to see is enormous publicity,” Democratic strategist Susan Estrich said. “He’s got three anchors coming with him. He’s got the glitterati of the press corps.”

With his visit, the presumptive Democratic nominee is recreating the kind of public whirlwind that he enjoyed at the height of the Democratic primary — only on a global scale.
How do you market your inadequate black male, a term used by Clinton supporter Harriet Christian, to the American people when you know that he hasn’t the experience to lead in this uncertain time.

Why you send him on a week long Middle east, European field trip and when he comes back, voilà! He has foreign policy credentials!

If only it were that easy. If that were the case Jane Fonda’s 70’s two week trip to Hanoi would have qualified her as an expert on the Vietnam war, or Nancy Pelosi’s short trip to Syria at a time of war, a country which was considered to be a state supporter of terrorism certainty makes Pelosi an expert on terrorism or Sen. Hillary Clinton flight over Bosnia undoubtedly make her an expert on American aircraft taking fire over war zones!

Such is the ridiculous thinking of the Democrat Party. Their candidate has virtually no experience or leadership in the area of foreign policy so 4 months before the election of the United States President, Democrats package what equates to a laughable grade school field trip to Afghanistan and Europe to give their candidate the appearance of foreign policy credentials. (See story)

So here’s how a conversation would go, Sen. Obama do you feel that you have the foreign policy experience to lead this nation at this time?

Sen. Obama would probably respond (heavily coached by his Democrat mentors, no doubt) I have spoken to leaders in Afghanistan, Jordan, Israel, Germany, France and England face to face, I have seen our troops doing their jobs and I commend them for their valiant efforts and I believe that I have enough information to make the proper judgments for America in regards to Iraq, Afghanistan and the war on terror.

But not even Democrats really believe that Sen. Obama has the experience to lead no matter what he does in the next 4 months. (see video)

The question is would you hire someone for a job because that person visited one of your work sites or that person had a cadre of friends that would tell them the right things to say in an interview with you?

Democrats are betting the Presidency on the fact that you, dear voter will do exactly that.
A splashy public speech in Germany. A wreath-laying at Israel's Holocaust museum. Perhaps a short side trip to the Palestinian West Bank. A visit to the palace of Jordan's king. Quick stops in Paris and London. They're all on the agenda of Sen. Barack Obama when the presumptive Democratic nominee takes his campaign overseas in the coming days.

The tour is designed to burnish Obama's national security and foreign policy credentials and beef up his image as a commander in chief with U.S. voters as he meets with international leaders. As long as Obama does not make a gaffe, the highly choreographed, nearly weeklong trip may plug what has been a lingering hole in his resume despite more than a year of campaigning.
Lynn Sweet, Sun-Times
Just months ago Democrat leaders and their allies in the media were telling the American people that the surge in Iraq, that General Petraeus advocated and which President Bush put into action, would fail.

Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid pronounced that the Iraq war was lost, Congressman John Murtha declared that the surge would not work, slandered and libeled the General in a discounted printed ad taken out in the New York Times rhyming the General’s name with betray us. And Sen. Hillary Clinton all but called the General a liar and a toady for the Bush Administration when she said that believing the General’s assessment on Iraq would require, “The willing suspension of disbelief.” But they were all wrong!

No Democrat has, as of this date, apologized or admitted that they showed the slightest bad judgment or that they were just blatantly wrong in talking down our military efforts in Iraq.

No Democrat has denounced those politically motivated acts. Democrat acts which obviously were meant to turn the American people against the war and the president, acts committed to make the war effort look bad for the President’s administration.

Based on the poor judgment that Democrats have made since they voted to give the president the authority to go to war with Iraq, they’ve selected a Chicago community organizer turned one year Senator to be their nominee for the most powerful job in the world. They knowing that he doesn’t have the credentials to lead send him on a week’s tour four months before the election hoping that you will equate this tour with leadership and judgment to lead America.

This is an astounding affront to the intelligence of the American people. Do Democrats honestly believe that the American people can no longer tell the difference between appearances and actuality?

Or maybe it is something even more insidious than that, maybe Democrats believe that Americans don’t care about the quality of their leaders anymore. After all, Democrats did offer up Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry and now Barack Obama.

Democrats are fast becoming the Party of make-believe and tinsel town. From phony sniper fired to phony foreign policy credentials. Make the candidate look presidential, make him seem to have the right credentials and create the image.

Yeah that good enough for a star struck America!

As the great and powerful Oz once said, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” Why because that man really wasn’t great or powerful and I suspect that minus the efforts to make Sen. Obama a world rockstar/foreign policy expert in a week, just a pull back of the media curtain will leave the American people with Harriett Christian’s assessment, the Democrat Party has nominated an inadequate black male.

And then they, the Democrats, have sent him on a field trip to convince you otherwise.


  1. Anonymous7:38 PM


    You are far to cynical about Barak Obama that you would not give him credit for anything. He's on a fact finding tour to unlock the secrets of life.

    You'll certainly feel funny when he comes home with Charles DeGaulle's secret recipe for French Fries or Joseph Stalin's unabridged original rules for the game of Russian Roulettte.

    What if Obama discovers the meaning of the secret words "Owah Tagoo Siam" in Thailand? won't that put you in your place?

    What if Obama discovers the secret of how Mohammed ascended into Paradise from the Saudis. That will put you in your place.

    What if Obama learns the secret on how to make a Carpet fly from Achhhhhhmadinijad? Won't that put you in your place.

    You have nothing but nasty things to say about Obama. Just wait until he reaches into his bag of tricks and pulls out a few miracles. That will put you in your place.

    Rumor has it that Obama intends to secure the release of Sadamn Hussein. When that happens, you'll really have egg on your face!

  2. Only one man was able to release prisoners out of hell and that man ain't Barack Obama!

  3. But it's nice to see you still have your sense of humor!!!!

  4. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Another Double Take?

    It took a while for your sense of humor to kick in.

  5. Gentlemen!!!!!!

    Leave Obama alone!!!!!

    He is unreeling enough rope to hang himself!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous3:52 PM

    What Gentlemen, Brookie?

    One of us works for a living and does not go to Gentlemen's Clubs like Caligula, Valley Girls, Babes, and Stilletos like Bill Clinton did. I'm certainly not a Gentleman.

    The other one of us is supposed to be a Lady, and by definition, not a gentleman.

    Who would you be referring to with the word "Gentlemen", Brookie?