Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Somebody’s been listening to too much Al Gore

Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada)

He’s the gift that keeps on giving, if there were ever a reason we needed to be reminded that Democrats should not be empowered to put their ideas into action Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid convinces us once again that, “ No, I may not like the other guy but I’m sure in hell not going to let this guy out of the insane asylum!” (See Video)

Come on now, if Senate Major Leader Harry Reid really believed what he just stated it would be criminal for him and his fellow Democrats not to attempt to pass legislation to immediately stop all coal and gasoline (fossil fuel) production and consumption in the United States.

If Reid actually though coal and gasoline is making us sick shouldn’t he and his fellow Democrats stop wasting time attempting to cancel out the second amendment and simply ban all gas using engines? After all gas engines are not a guaranteed constitutional right and more people are killed by cars than guns in America.

But as yet not one piece of legislation has been written and put forth to stop all coal and gasoline produce.

Since there is no legislation pending in the Democrat controlled Congress to stop and end all gasoline and coal production I would have to assume that Sen. Reid is not really sincere about his assessment regarding coal and fuel.

Unless he does believe what he says but he doesn’t care about the American people’s welfare.

Now I’m not advocating a ban on gasoline run engines that would be silly almost as silly as Senator Reid talking about Global warming and putting carbon in the air.

I’m just saying as a Carbon-based life form that 100% of all life on earth is carbon based. Carbon is the primary building block for all life, animal, insect or plant.

Senator Reid where did you get your information that carbon is making us sick, because whether you realize it or not, Senator Reid, carbon is essential.

Carbon is not the problem Senator Reid only Carbon-based Democrat Senators and Carbon-based Liberals who are attempting to erase all carbon from the universe, they are the problem!


  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Harry Reid is the type of would-be Tyrant that the Federalists had in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment. [It is interesting that the Right to Bear Arms evolved from the Duty to Bear Arms:]

    Let us suppose that Global Warming is a Problem, caused by waste heat in the atmosphere caused by the absorbtion of too many of the Sun's Rays. Solar Cells can absorb that energy for reuse. It looks more like Global Warming is more a solution than a problem.

    As per Carbon Credits, I think that Harry needs to study his Organic Chemistry more. Let us hope that the HCN, a Carbon Compound, in his Koolade acts fast.

  2. Harry Reid has been known to make some pretty ridiculous statements in the past. But this one outshines them all.

    Somebody please supply a tin-plated DUNCECAP for the Senate Majority Leader,...... PLEASE!!!!!