Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Example of Dem Hypocrisy!

One of the Obama campaign’s chief talking points is
the "high rate of unemployment" that we presently have.
But yet, they still aim to compound the problem.

This is how the Democrats have been able to “increase
their voter registration”
, by filling the country with aliens,
legal and not. And at the same time taking a swipe at the
Bush administration for having lost American jobs.
Not to mention (ahem!) that the unemployment rate during the
Clinton years was higher.

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee desperately wants
to give away 550,000 American jobs! If it were to pass, H.R. 5882 would bring in 550,000 permanent greencard holders, above the 1 million immigrants already planned! With U.S. unemployment shooting up to a five-year high, this is the very worst time to add more competition to Americans.

But Nancy Pelosi and her allies backed down yesterday before they could get the immigration increase past the Judiciary Committee. They thought it would be easy. Instead, they ran into a buzzsaw.

Thanks to caring groups such as “Numbers USA”, (check it out), the
Congress has been flooded with phone calls and faxes,
virtually killing the “Democratic give-a-way of American

And then the Obama campaign has the gall to accuse the
Bush administration of causing Americans to lose jobs overseas?

This is political BS, and the voters should be made to know
just who is causing this and why this is happening.

I can assure everyone that if Obama is elected, we can all kiss
our jobs goodbye. Or maybe we should all just move to Mexico,
since there will no longer be anybody there!


  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Mr/Ms Brooklyn

    You guys have wrong understanding of HR5882 bill related to 550000 visas ,it's not going to add more un-employment only it will stop to outsource jobs and on other side it means it will add more jobs here

  2. anonymous........

    It is neither "Mr" nor "Ms", but simply "brooklyn".

    I would love to see your rational explained to a room full of economists.