Thursday, September 11, 2008


I just finished watching the “9/11 Presidential Forum”.
Several things struck me. Senator Obama echoed much of
what Senator McCaine said, almost to the letter, with the
exception that Obama got much more applause, even when
the audience was not supposed to do that. And the reason
for that?............... the forum was held at Columbia
University, Senator Obama’s Alma Mater.

I applaud Senator McCain for mentioning that Columbia
should have an ROTC presence on campus. During his time
slot, Senator Obama agreed with John McCain, probably much
to the chagrin of the president of Columbia. Both candidates
want to see more volunteer cooperation, but McCain wants it
to be primarily voluntary, with no remuneration whatsoever,
while Obama seems to tie all his suggestions up with additional
benefits for the volunteers.............meaning more government
supervision or cooperation and probably remuneration. One
way or the other, Obama’s plans will involve bigger government
and more federal expenditures. So where is the "volunteerism"?

I was fascinated by how Obama twisted the “community organizer”
flap around, to make it seem as though he was attacked by the
Republicans. He seems to forget that it was his campaign that
initiated the exchange, by accusing Sarah Palin of being unqualified, based on the fact that she had been a small-town mayor. Two things that they totally failed to mention were that Sarah Palin was mayor for a ten year period, before moving on to Governor of Alaska, which Obama’s campaign always seems to ignore.
Obama's "community organizer" accomplishments pale in comparison. w

On a one-on-one basis, there is no way that Obama’s two years
as a junior senator can hold a candle to even the small-town mayor
standing of McCain’s choice of VP candidate. Add to that the
prestige and experience of her Governorship, and the undeniable
fact that Obama has been campaigning for half of his tenure in the
senate. Just more cheap shot by Obama...........even at such a forum.

Aside from that, both the candidates more or less agreed on quite
a few points. But.................did anyone notice that Obama quoted McCain word for word, as though this were his original statement? At the end of his segment, he stated that, “change happens from the bottom up, not from the top down”, how original!

McCain has been saying that for weeks!

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  1. "change happens from the bottom up, not from the top down”

    Some things don't change, like the B.S. coming out of Obama's mouth.