Friday, September 12, 2008

Would Jesus Organize for ACORN

ACORN or the “Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now” is a radical 60’s style “In Your Face” group that Barack Obama proudly claims association with. Though Sen. Obama worked with other groups primarily it is this group that Obama cut his “community organizer” chops with.

Investigative reporter Stanley Kurtz in his, “Inside Obama’s ACORN” shows us a better picture of what Sen. Obama did as a community organizer as he also helps us to understand the workings of the political action group, ACORN. (see article)

What is interesting to me is that several Democrats have made the claim that Jesus was a community Organizer in answer to Republican Vice President hopeful Sarah Palin’s remark that Democrat look down on her experience as a small town mayor so she equated her experience to that of a community organizer only her job had responsibilities.

This remark drew the ire of Obama supporters who like Congressman Steve Cohen wants to make it plain that organizing for the community should in no wise be looked down upon because Jesus the Christ himself was a community organizer. Cohen makes this observation on the floor of Congress: (see video)

In his article Mr. Kurtz lays out that Sen. Obama was a trainer of ACORN leadership as well Obama trained members in techniques of direct political action, which is protesting and storming meetings. Yet a recent look at the organization shows some startling lack of organization and ethics. (see video)

ACORN seems to be less than discriminatory in their hiring practices too. (see video)

And once hired ACORN doesn’t seem to want to pay workers wages which is ironic because one of ACORN’s main political action items is to fight for higher worker’s wages. (see video)

Instead of the small army of reporters, lawyers and investigators that have descended on the small Alaskan town of Wasilla to attempt to find something to damage Gov. Sarah Palin if there is a real story, and there is, that story is how the political Jesus, Barack Hussein Obama has turned the political water of community organizing for ACORN into the political wine of running to be President of the United States of America.

Some unbelieving skeptics should look into this miracle.

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