Saturday, September 13, 2008

Democrats Deceptive on Drilling!!!!!

The Dems are doing everything they can to shift
the blame for their no-action Congress onto the
Bush administration and the Republicans in general.

Now they are accusing the Republicans of not being
in speedily passing their “new” energy
bill. They have taken the original intention of the
bill and added all kinds of earmarks and windfall
to it. Why can’t we just have the drill
here, drill now
” legislation that the voters want?
All they really have to do is lift the Federal ban
on offshore drilling.

Their thinly disguised "new" plan to allow offshore drilling
is merely a rehash of their previous crap. They keep
saying “let the oil companies drill in the areas in which
they already hold leases”
................... hello!!!!.... every
time they try, the liberal Democratic-backed “green
groups” file suits through their closest ally, the ACLU.

The “Gorites” got a stronger grip on the Congress, since
the “inventor of the internet” managed to pull off the
biggest coup in history, by getting the Nobel Peace Prize
for something that he really knows nothing about. This
“green hysteria” ignited the volcano, that just might
blow the Dems right back where they were four years

Face it!!! Our (well, maybe yours, because I didn’t vote
for any of these phonies)
elected Democratic Congressmen and
women, headed up by “Captain” Harry Reid and “First Mate”
Nancy Pelosi
, couldn’t care less about you and me. For them,
it’s still all about “me”, power, and the ship of state, and let the
public be damned.
For all their pre-election hype, they are just
yesterdays warmed-over milk-toast.

I hope that the sheep who in ‘06, followed the advice of the labor
unions, Wall Street, and the Environmentalists, with the
help of the MSM, will finally admit that they made an
enormous mistake in 2006
, and fix the congress. This time,
not with partisan “revenge-seekers”, but with honest, caring
public servants, who truly represent the will of the people.

Change is coming, and let’s hope it's in the public's best interest!

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