Saturday, September 13, 2008

The “Ladies” of the View

What a misnomer............ !

To anyone who saw the hatchet job that those rejects
from real life tried to do, remember what I write here.

Joy, who was her usual “lovely” self, was bed enough,
but I was totally surprised by the way that Barbara
Walters attacked McCain
, without even giving him a
chance to respond. She pressed and pressed, in an
obvious attempt to rattle him into possibly saying
that could be misconstrued later.

I, along with thousands of others, took note that at no
time did she look McCain in the face
, but rather had her
eyes riveted on the monitor that was facing her. That
made it obvious that this entire “interview” was a left-
wing set-up,
in order to make him look as bad as possible
to the viewing audience.

Her unwarranted attacks on Sarah Palin were also quite
vehement and irritating. At no point, did she allow
John McCain a moment to gather two thoughts together,

and I guess that was her intention. Barbara, you gave
away your liberal position within the first three minutes

of the interview.

To pretend to host an “interview” and then have the
audacity to spring onto the attack without warning is both
despicable and typical of the left. Had it not been for
Cindy McCain putting Walters in her place, with a lot more
class than Barbara could ever have,
the interview might
have been a total disaster. Manufactured, of course.

My analysis of that fiasco is that the ones to get hurt the
most are the “Witches of Viewick” and not Senator John
McCain nor Governor Sarah Palin. Any viewers with
intelligence could see right through this oh so obvious
plan, whether hatched by Barbara Walters or ABC.

And speaking of ABC, Charles Gibson tried real hard to
throw a few curve balls at Sarah Palin during her interview.
I think that she hit them right back at him. Particularly
the ones concerning the non-existent “Bush Doctrine”

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