Saturday, September 06, 2008

Flag Flak!

Just watch the Obama campaign continue to squeel and
protest this new campaign incident.

The Republican National Convention, used 12,000 small
American flags, that were supposedly rescued from a
dumpster outside the Democratic Convention Center.

A nearby concession stand owner, noticed after the close of
the convention, some 25-30 plastic garbage bags, in and
around the dumpsters. They were filled to the bursting
point with the small flags that the delegates were
waving during the Republican Convention.

The Obama campaign insists that the flags were "extras"
and were intended for storange, and the the McCain
campaign illegally took them from the location. Since
when do American flags get "stored" in dumpsters........
Mr "Patriotic" Obama?

Wiggle out of this one, if you think that you can. This
is one issue that won't go away before election day. You
can count on that..........even if it means that I have
to post it every day!!!!

Ranks right along with Michelle's "proud" statement, the
William Ayers association, and the "Reverand" Wright

Way to go.........NOBAMA!!!!!

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