Friday, September 05, 2008

Bitter, Bitter, Biddie!

I just finished reading Froma Harrop’s commentary on
John McCain’s Vice Presidential choice, at Rasmussen
Reports. Froma Harrop.......... for the sake of expediency,
I’ll just call her “frump”, starts out by attacking Sarah
Palin, and winds up attacking John McCain. This is a true
"liberal hit piece".........right out of the box.

This woman is so obviously a die-hard women’s libber in
the third tri-mester of frustration. She tries really
hard to dissuade anyone from voting for Sarah Palin,
based on her own warped thinking and conversation with
one friend.

Her quote, “Don't They Have Birth Control up in Alaska?”,
is not only demeaning, but disgusting. Maybe where
“frump” comes from, it’s expected that all teenagers
should be encouraged to engage in sexual conduct, ever protected.
Somebody should wise-up “frump” and tell
her that she doesn’t represent the entire US, nor does
she speak for the world.

More admire the Palins strong moral stand, than this
obviously transparent attempt by “frumpie” to blacken
Sarah Palin’s reputation with half-truths and inuendo...
even calling the Palin family “dysfunctional” I can only
imagine what “frumpies” family is like......... but then...
....... no one here is running a kangaroo court.

I see a past-prime writer, who actually believes that she
speaks for most of the women in the United States. I
know far too many of them to believe that a bitter, dried
up wanna-be is representative of intelligent married women
and single moms, many of whom have faced the same personal
family problems.

“Frump” is so typical of the aging women’s liberation
movement. You know the ones I mean. Those who
demonstrate at the drop of a hat, and keep the “polyester
pants suit” manufacturers in business. They feel that it
is their duty to dictate just when another, far more
qualified woman, should run for public office. Sarah
Palin was right!!! What really pisses women like this one
off, is that Sarah isn’t looking for their approval.

So stick with your friends “frump”............. because
nothing is so reassuring as speaking to the choir.
Time will tell just how much back-lash your ultra-critical
and intentionally biased article brings.

You do realize that she will be the next Vice President
of the United States, don’t you? You have just helped
her along.


  1. I understand the Obama campaign has sent a gaggle of 4 to 5 women out to attack Gov. Palin to allow Obama and Biden plausible denial on those attacks.

    If I understand it two of the women where women Obama passed over in selecting Biden. Hillary Clinton is one. They weren't good enough to be his VP but he doesn't mind using contract hitwomen to do his dirty work.

    The America people should not be fooled and recognize these attack as being hits for hire being paid for by Obama.

  2. Funny how some of these old liberal bags think they can criticize everyone while pretending to be so perfect.

    It wouldn't suprise me at
    all to find out Harrop was a hippie commune field mattress, years ago. Lots of pot and alcohol probably made her beautiful.

  3. If Sarah Palin can field-dress a moose, she can certainly take care of a few "cows".......