Friday, September 05, 2008

It all comes down to Change

Republican Presidential Nominee Sen. John McCain

In November of 2006 I wrote to expose Democrats’ campaign of hate hoping that the American people would see though partisan attempts to vilify Republicans and George W. Bush making those names synonymous with everything that is wrong in America.
It is no secret that Democrats hate Republicans and everything that they stand for because we have witnessed 6 years of pure unadulterated hate coming from the Democrat’s side of the aisle very little policy, plan or vision for America but big hate of Republican ideas, Republican policy and Republican values.

Democrats are hoping that 6 years of talking down the Republicans will result in victories across America and control of either or both of the Senate and House of Representatives. Democrats are counting on the growing discontent with the war that they have helped to ferment will sweep them into control of power in America.

Democrats are depending on the politics of hate to be a winner for them on Tuesday.
Democrats were successful in branding the Republicans in 2006 as they were successful in winning the advantage that they sought in Congress that year.

The method which Democrats used to win in 2006 is what inspired this blog. Democrats started using language to misrepresent what they actually meant, a kind of Orwellian misdirection of meaning in order to achieve an alternate goal, a kind of “War is Peace” scenario only their themes always pitted Left against Right. We call it being politically correct today.

What that is, is using language to change the way we perceive the reality around us. The most immediate example of this is how we used to refer to those who entered our country by crossing the border illegally, as Illegal Aliens.

In order for you and I to be more accepting of this illegality Liberals have change the way we refer to Illegal Aliens and only refer to them as migrants.

Therein lays the danger in corrupting language, the illegality continues but it is hidden from the mind because the word migrant elevates someone who breaks our immigration laws to the same category as those who come through Ellis Island legally.

All the while, the impact is 20 million additional people in this country that are here to benefit themselves by using the scarce resources of this country, but have no particular allegiance to this country’s interest.

This brings me to my point. Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama are speaking about the same word, change. And though there is a common denotation for the word change there are different connotations. (see story)

Listening to Sen. McCain make his case for the presidency last night it was clear that this patriot wishes to change the partisanship, rancor and impasse that 16 or more years of ultra partisan politics have produced in Washington D.C.

But in contrast, listening to Sen. Obama last week it is unmistakable that the change that he is advocating for is based in Party politics. Sen. Obama change is the completion of the job started in 2006, first Congress and now the White house. The change that Democrats want is Republicans out of office and an end to Conservatism.

Sen. McCain is on the right side of the message of change, the correct side, there is no doubt about it to fair minded people. Yet almost 8 years and hundreds of millions of dollars have produced an alternate reality it this country where we can no longer agree on the meaning of what is right and what is wrong.

And when that happens that is like having AIDS. This country has politic AIDS we lack the ability to distinguish what is actually good, beneficial and preservative to our nation that is the reason that a Barack Obama can even be compared to a John McCain.

When I hear these two men speak it is clear that though they are speaking about the same country,they are, in fact, speaking about two very different places.

Sen. Obama speaks about an America that never was and never will be because Obama’s America is a fairy tale. Sen. McCain speaks about traditions that have made this country great. Traditions that he knows about because he’s lived them.

Sen. Obama is backed by those who hate this country and would change it into something else.

Sen. McCain is backed by a tradition that has laid down its life for this country as it is and would only change the things that seek to destroy America.

So it all comes down to change.

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  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Speaking of CHANGE, I've been looking at some of the liberal blogs today. I was so disgusted, I had to hit the "Flag Blog" button a few times.

    It would be a crying dirty shame is such hate & porno blogs were so flagged as to make them carry content warnings. My heart would bleed purple peanut butter.

    You, my friends, can follow your conscience on this matter. As for me, I feel that the Libs should get a dose of their medicine with respect to the "Fairness Doctrine".