Thursday, September 04, 2008


As much as the Obama campaign, and liberals in general,
would have you believe that they are not concerned by
the McCain/Palin ticket, the facts prove otherwise.

Sarah Palin’s speech last night has scared them to the point
of “impacting their alimentary canals”! (For a more polite
way of saying what I actually mean).

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, when asked about her
speech, had a one-word comment. “Shrill”! Now when
was the last time that Reid was speechless?

As for the official comments from the Obama campaign,
they claimed that Mrs.Palin was “mocking” Senator
Obama’s “community organizer” accomplishments. Pardon
me, but wasn’t it the Obama campaign that was mocking
Sarah Palin’s “small town Mayorship”?

Watch it libs..........what goes around, comes around!

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