Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The “Left” Attempts Assassination!!!

Now you know just how frightened the Obama campaign
and the far-left wackos are,
that Sarah Palin might just
become Vice President of the United States.

First they send about thirty attorneys and investigators
up to Alaska to see what dirt they could dig up on her
past, and about her Governorship.
All they found was
“Troopergate”.......... a seemingly legit investigation (opened
by Democrats, and run by Democrats) of
the firing of an insubordinate employee of the State
Government............ over his refusal to dismiss a trooper,
who just happens to be Palin’s former brother-in-law.

What the media has deliberately witheld is the facts in
the case. The prosecutors already have evidence that
this piece of trash drank while on duty, was involved in
, and used a taser on his son. And the democratic
controlled “investigating committee
is trying to pin
something on Sarah Palin????

I applaud her refusal to respond to a subpoena, along with
her husband’s refusal to appear
. And now, they are having
a tough time finding anyone in Alaska who will cooperate
with this kangaroo court.

I guess in a last ditch effort, they have now hacked into
Palin’s personal email account
, and found some inconsequential
emails that they are trying to make hay on. The Associated
Press is involved
in this up to it’s slimy neck, because they
are refusing to release to federal Investigators, the offending

But this will all turn around to bite the liberals on their collective
People have just about had it with the “holier-than-thou
media attitude
, especially when it is so partisan......and Obama
just lost a few more votes.
There is no way that the Obama
campaign and the DNC isn’t involved in this blatant attempt
to get Palin off the ticket
. Obama has a history of that,
from when he was running for the State Legislature in Illinoise.
He had his Republican opponent disqualified on a technicality,
and took the seat by default. Even then, he couldn’t earn it!

With each passing day, the polls get tighter and tighter, and the
Democrats get more and more nervous, and Obama creates
another brick for his new house. It certainly isn’t going to be
the White House!!!!!

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