Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What More Do You Need????

Yet another example of the “elitist” Barack Obama!
While he talks the good talk, and even walks the
good walk, he runs with the far left wackos.

Obama loves being a celebrity, and that is what this
election is all about for him.
He hangs with the liberal
likes of Barbra Streisand, who performed at a benefit
for his ticket last night. Thanks to her, and the other
wacko leftists in Hollywood, he raised another nine
million dollars for his campaign, in just one night

His campaign thought it was a great idea, snuggling
up to the Hollywood “elite”, but I think that the photos
of him playing cozy-cozy with them, are going to
backfire on him.

How can he in good conscience, preach that he “understands”
what the people are going through in these tight times
, and
then attend a lavish party in his honor? Especially when
they paid such an exorbitant price per plate. These are
the people that he feels most comfortable with.
These are
the people that he can “preach” to, without the need for a
teleprompter..........because he is preaching to the choir.

He rubs shoulders with them, and then takes pot-shots at
the people in small towns....... where he has to use the
teleprompter, in order to stick to his “remarks”
which were
prepared by professional speech writers. This is also the
reason that the refused John McCain’s offer of weekly
debates, in 'town hall format'............ because he is scared. Scared that the people will see that he is merely the stuffed shirt that is fronting for the far left in the Democratic party. A man with no principles, seeking the highest political office just because he wants the prestige, and screw the country and us.

Go on, Barack.........keep doing what you are doing. Have you noticed how each day, the poll numbers are changing. Even New Jersey has finally caught onto the fact that you are nothing.............. you offer nothing,............. you have nothing.

For the first time in four presidential elections, New Jersey is on the verge of voting Republican. I hope that when that happens, the people have the sense to sweep out of office the two liberal do-nothing Senators.........Lautenberg and Menendez.
Then maybe, without the obstructionists, we can proceed to
execute, not a change we can believe in, but that much “Needed Change”!

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