Monday, September 01, 2008

Problems for Sarah???

Well, since the news broke that Sarah Palin's seventeen
year old daughter is five months pregnant, the far-left
garbage machines are already in full swing. They are
churning out their best vintage swill, in an attempt to
denegrate the Republican Vice-Presidential choice.

What total idiots!!!.......... no, sorry, I take that back.
That would be an insult to clinical idiots.

They fail to look at the moral side of this situation.
Palin's daughter, echoing her mother's own courage and love,
will keep the child, and the father of the child will marry
her. Though we all have our personal feelings about the
situation, I applaud the actions of all concerned, and their
belief that we take responsibility for our deeds.

Of course, this goes totally against the liberal point of
view. A far-left liberal wouldn't hesitate for a moment
to abort the child, blame the school system for failure to
supply proper birth control education or methods, and
probably seek financial remuneration from anybody who might
be within earshot! Whatever happened to responsibility for
our own actions?

What might conceivibly have been a potential problem for
the already embattled Governor, this displays not only the
moral fibre of the entire Palin family, but the true
Republican philosophy of independence and self reliance.


  1. No one who is advancing this story would vote for the Republican ticket anyway.

    And those who would use this as a reason to vote for Obama are not fair minded Americans.

    If Bristol Palin came out a Lesbian or was the daughter of a Liberal she would be touted as a young woman who made a decision with her own body to become sexually active and would be embaced by the left. So once again the left is hypocritical in their disdain of the Palins.

    Truth is the left has made it acceptable for teens to be sexually active they just don't want their daughters punished for that activity with a baby ala Sen. Obama!

  2. Whoever said liberals were "fair minded"?

    Unfortunately, those who permeate the "Daily Kos" fall more into the category of alley cats!

  3. Anonymous2:55 AM

    Let me see if I have my parallels straight as I go up the Palin & Obama family trees:

    Bristol Palin is pregnant, like Mama Obama was with Barak. Grandma Obama is credited by Barak for raising him, as Sarah will likely do for Baby Palin. That means that Grndma Obama & Sarah Palin are family tree equivalents, Mama Obama and Bristol Palin are equivalents, and Barak Obama & Baby Palin are equivalents. Am I correct thus far?

    Barak's constituency favor abortion for cases of unwed mothers such as Bristol Palin. Does that mean that Barak's constituents are claiming that Barak should have been aborted before birth, preferably with partial birth abortion? Barak also feels that products of botched abortions, such as himself, should be aborted after birth. I must ask that, is Barak's mind, is it too late to abort him? Doesn't that make Barak suicidal, considering what his constituency wants?

    Let's see . . . Bristol is getting married to Groom TBA. Mama & Papa Obama did not marry. That means that if Bristol gets married in the nick of time, that is called "correcting" a mistake" in Texas, and Baby Palin becomes Legitimate Baby TBA. Since Barak's parents never married, does that mean that Barak is a β@$ŧαЯд ? Since Bill Clinton was also a β@$ŧαЯд, might we best just leave Baby TBA alone to grow up to be President, or does the upcoming wedding spoil things?

    Some of the nicest people were genetic legitimatized β@$ŧαЯдs, like Composer Alexander Borodin. Other β@$ŧαЯдs are self-made β@$ŧαЯдs, like Richard Wagner, who gave β@$ŧαЯдs a bad name. Wha does Barak want to be a self-made β@$ŧαЯд ?