Monday, September 01, 2008

Obama’s Acceptance Speech was Old Wine Skins

Democrat Presidential Nominee Sen. Barack Obama
"And no one puts new wine into old wineskins ; otherwise the new wine will burst the skins and it will be spilled out, and the skins will be ruined.”—Luke 5:37 NAS
No one apparently except Barack Obama that is. Predictable, totally and fully predictable, Barack Obama’s acceptance speech could have been written by a 5th grade Democrat and it probably was!

After eight years of seeing Democrat treasonous political subterfuge we know exactly what these puerile individuals are going to do even before they do it.

And Obama did not disappoint. Its like Democrats have this formula and every Democrat who opens his or her mouth will recant verbatim the Democrat liturgy and Obama was on point Thursday night.

First attack George Bush, Second talk down the economy, third attempt to link John McCain to George Bush and then talk down John McCain. Turn on the digital recorder every time every Democrat will use this broken record this monotonous droning of negativity against Republicans.

That’s a summary of Sen. Obama speech and you all know it. That’s all they got! Democrats have got to make America look bad in order to justify their existence, America must look bad so that the electorate will vote for a Democrat. Bush, McCain and the Republicans must be demonized in order that you will willingly accept the socialism and the counter American Presidential candidacy of Barack Obama that Democrats are offering.

Democrats are not offering anything new it’s the same old Liberalism that has failed worldwide. So much so that the world is attempting to shed the cradle to grave socialist policies that American Liberals now tout in their health care policies in contradiction to the World’s attempt to be more like America. How else would you explain the European Union? The European Union is Europe’s attempt to come together in the likeness the United States of America to compete against and ultimately defeat the United States economically.

Be that as it is, Obama acceptance speech was a lack luster compilation of his stump speeches in which he went around and talked down America, talked down George Bush, and launched new George Bush like attacks against John McCain, attacks that the American people grow weary of, attacks that are the same old Democrat political tactics in partisanship that have virtually broken down Washington D.C. Tactics that are old wine skins for a politician that has promised the new wine of change.

Americans are only now coming clear on who broke Washington that is why this Democrat lead Congress has a lowest approval rating than any other Congress in history. Democrats have systematically sowed the seeds of hate politics and have paved the road to America's destruction with anti-American rhetoric in their attempt to change and remake America into their own Democratic socialist image.

Democrats first sent Al Gore who represented a continuation of the obfuscated Clinton years but America rejected Al Gore. So if the Clinton years were so great why didn’t Gore win in a landslide?

Then Democrats sent John Kerry who represented anybody but Bush, any administration than the current administration. Kerry would be more European and Europe would love him but Americans rejected John Kerry. So if the Democrats approach to government and foreign policy was better than Bush then why did the American people reject John Kerry?

Now Democrats are offering Barack Obama who is supposed to represent new wine, a completely fresh new way of doing things, change, the ultimate savior of us all. But Obama is using the old wine skins of Democrat blame America first; he did that in his European tour talking down America in Germany.

Obama is using the Democrat old wine skin of demonizing and blaming George Bush for all things. That is why Obama could not say that the surge is working and credit Bush for mounting the surge in the face of scathing opposition from the Democrat Party, opposition that Obama was chief among.

Obama is using the old wine skin of Democrat partisan politics the us against them. Accusing they, the Republicans, of breaking Washington and then using the we, the Democrats, as the fixers of Washington ala Hillary Clinton. When in truth any fair minded person knows that Democrats have equal responsibility in what is wrong in America.

Democrat give President Bush authority to go to war in Iraq, Democrat voted to fund the war and Democrats have done everything that they can to sabotage America hoping that we would lose in Iraq so that they would win the White house. (see here)

This is the legacy on which Barack Obama stands, this is nothing new! Voting for Obama will not bring change or a break from Washington as usual politics. Obama is the very best or worst (depending on your point of view) of Democrat old style Liberalism.

Sen. Obama is Old wine skins there is nothing new about his politics as there was noting new in his acceptance speech. His speech was the same old promises that the Democrats made in 2006 remember they said if they were given the majority in Congress they would change the course of America and end the war. All broken promises!

Well they got the majority that they asked for did they change America? Did they even keep one of their promises? And Sen. Obama won't either because he can't. Why he's already reneging on his promise of immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

Old wine and old wineskins. Sorry but that's Barack Obama and that's what I heard in his acceptance of the Democrat's nomination for President of the United States of America big Democrat promises but no way and experience to deliver those promises.


  1. Anonymous2:34 PM

    I think that it would be instructive to compare the DNC with the RNC COnventions. The high,ight of the DNC COnvention was a gaudy event of Barak Obama appearing as some sort of Greek god in an ostentatious backdrop, ostensibly a White House backdrop, in the most pretentious partison possible way.

    McCain, to respect the circumstance of Hurricane Gustav, muted his convention, and chose to became an American rather than a Republican. Those who chose to be Democrats instead of Americans demonstrated their character by a) protesting the RNC and b) hashing over the unfortunate happenstance of Palin's concieved-out-of-wedlock grandchild who will be legitimatized by an upcoming wedding. To Obama's credit, cognizant that his own parents never married, Barak denounced the Liberal Blogosphere's cheap shot. Michael Moore and others thanked God for Gustav's impact upon the Republican Convention.

    I was a Hillary CLinton supporter, but I cannot abide by this type of meanness of the Obama bloggers. They remind me of ex-Governor Kathleen Blanco's obstructionist tactics against Bush during the Katrina aftermath. Her absence will be felt as a positive thing, as Bobby Jindel has shown actual concern about working with Bush, Cheyney, and McCain to blunt the disaster of Hurricane Gustav.

    I don't care wheter you post this or not. Just get the idea across about who has behaved the most honorably during their convention. It would be a good idea to draw the connection between this behavior and how the parties would behave, when elected. One Party behves like Americans during a pinch. The other party is unable to transcend their partisanship when the chips are down, even to the detriment of their country.

  2. You said it better than I could have Anon!

    Unfortunately fair minded people such as yourself see this stuff as you've described partisans will not admit to the truth of your observations.

  3. Anonymous4:50 AM

    I may have said it better than you, but my comments are burried in your comment section, out of view of those who read your blog. What I gave was a good outline of what just happened. You have always been good at fleshing out the details. I'd throw in a couple of barbs at Kathleen Blanco for her tactics that foiled the FEMA effort during Katrina, and how she was finally able to bring Bush Popularity below 50%, for the very first time since elected.

    Believe me, this story requires your pen. Try to keep some of the humor intact, as well as some of the ostentatious alliteration, and you'll do fine. I can tell that you write with a Jamaican accent, but your moniker betrays that. Review your MacFlecknoe, Praise of Folly, and other classics, and even Eric Blair's essays, and you should get the hang of it.