Saturday, August 30, 2008

You and Us!

I get a real sour feeling when I see the TV ads from Union Bank
of Switzerland. They are so magnanimous, kind, dependable
and interested in your welfare. They brag about their strength
of assets, when other banks are failing. Do a little research folks, before you buy into their line.

This is the bank that refused to pay Holocaust survivors and the
families of Holocaust victims, the gold that was rightfully theirs.
Gold stolen by the Nazis and placed in safety deposit boxes in the
Swiss banks. Gold from jewelry, artifacts and even teeth, pulled
from the mouths of the prisoners before execution.

This is the bank that would have you believe that they are committed
to the welfare of the public, when in fact, this is the bank that “spent nine years pursuing tiny debts of British officers interned in Switzerland for part of the 1939 - 1945 WWII”.

“According to documents released at the Public Record Office, the
Union Bank of Switzerland lent money to 140 British officers who
had escaped from POW camps in Italy and Germany, and reached
neutral territory, often starving and dressed in rags”.

“A letter sent by UBS to the (British) War Office in 1954 said that 28 of the officers had failed to repay debts, which ranged from £8 to £70 (£160 to £1,400 at today's values). Eventually, the debts were paid from the public purse, although at least one officer had paid his debt eight years earlier”.

The above quotes are from an August 15, 1998 article by Ben Fenton,
of the British Telegraph News.

Now, does anybody wonder why the Swiss have the reputation of being
such a “solid” country? When you have the wealth of the world in
your coffers, much of it ill-gotten and in secret accounts, and you share none of your own wealth, how can you not be the most financially secure country in the world?


  1. Informative post Brook thanks

  2. It's also hard to forget Bayer, makers of aspirin for children and Zyclon. Then, theres IBM who fulfilled a need for the Nazis to organize their data on everyone that they wanted to exterminate.

    Lets not forget Seimens Electric and their forced slave labor.

    "The major private firm that used slave labor at Ravensbrück was the Siemens Electric Company, today the second largest electric company in the world. In a separate camp adjoining the main one, Siemens “employed” the women to make electrical components for V-1 and V-2 rockets."

    It kinda gives me that warm fuzzy feeling every time I see a Seimens truck with the large American flag on it. What patriotic and honest people of integrity we have among us!!!