Friday, August 29, 2008

Chuck Schumer, You're a Schmuck!

Of all the idiotic criticisms of John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, as his Vice Presidential running mate..... none makes less sense than NY Senator Chuck Schumer's.

He said in essence, that choosing her was ridiculous, in light of her total lack of experience. Duuhhhhhhh, Senator........ are we comparing apples to apples, or apples to bananas?

Sarah Palin has extensive experience, not only at the ground-roots level of government, but as Mayor of a small town and finally Governor of Alaska,.... a not so small state. Neither Obama nor Biden have ever been responsible for governing anything. Biden has basked in the glory of his long tenure on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Obama................ well, Obama gave a speech in 2002.

The liberals are treading on very dangerous ground when they start talking about experience and "lack of". I am sure that McCain knows at least as much as Biden about foreign relations, having taken many trips to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. So, I believe that the Republican's candidate for the presidency is very well grounded in reality. Nobody can say that about the Democrats presidential candidate.

Face it............we have a lop-sided competition here. The republicans have an experienced presidential candidate and VP candidate with limited experience in world affairs. The democrats have a VP candidate, experience in world affairs, and a presidential candidate who was a "community organizer". Neither the democratic top of the ticket nor the bottom of the ticket has ever managed or run a government.........large or small. That cannot be said about the republican ticket.

Separately.......... I just wanted to take a small piece of that "schmuck" title that I gave to Schumer......... and pass it on to former President Carter. Your comment about John McCain bleeding his "prisoner status" is revolting, disgusting and so much in keeping with your level of mentality. You, the quintessential "do nothing" president, who's only talent was to count his peanut profits, should apologize immediately. I always said while you were President, that you denigrated the respect of the office. Little did I realize that since that time, your downward spiral would continue. You have truly hit bottom!!!


  1. I love this line, "and Obama................ well, Obama gave a speech in 2002."

    What were Democrats thinking?

  2. I have to give credit to Sean Hannity of Fox News for that line.

    Sorry Sean, I should have credited you, but I got carried away in the heat of the moment.

  3. Yeah as original statement by Hillary Clinton and someone probably wrote it for her!

    But good nevertheless!