Friday, August 29, 2008

Democrats Vow to Take America Back

Outside DNCC around the perimeter of the Pepsi Center
Out of this turmoil there emerged a powerful body of left-wing opinion and activism that turned the old national consensus upside down.

Rejecting Henry Clay’s “my country - right or wrong,” the left substituted “my country - always wrong.” More extreme elements declared their country to be the most oppressive society in history - racist at home and imperialist abroad - while discovering sublime virtues in genocidal tyrants from Mao Tse-Tung to Pol Pot.

While this raging ideological virus infected in varying degree a wide range of American institutions - e.g. media, academia - its principal victim was the national Democratic Party.
—William Maloney
After a night that began with the Democrat Party nominating Sens. Barack Obama and Joe Biden as their President and Vice President choices for the November general election the night culminated in Sen. Obama vowing that Democrats would take America back. (see related video)

Obama’s statement came in a surprise appearance at the National Democrat convention after speeches from former President Bill Clinton and Obama’s pick for Vice President Joe Biden.

Sens. Obama and Biden inside DNCC Pepsi Center

But where is this mystical magical time and place which Liberal Democrats who call themselves Progressives wish to take America back to?

In his The Europeanization of the Democrat Party William Maloney brilliantly and succinctly diagnoses the Democrat Party’s threat to take America back. (see story)

Maloney recants that, [In less than a decade the party that boldly sponsored the Berlin airlift, the Marshall Plan, and the NATO alliance went from the confident activism of the hawkish John Kennedy - “pay any price, bear any burden to assure the success of liberty” - to the “Blame America First” defeatism of George McGovern - who aptly themed his 1972 acceptance speech as “Come Home, America.”

Betraying allies in Vietnam, ignoring genocide in Cambodia, accepting communist aggression from Angola to Afghanistan, and bowing to humiliation in Iran, America’s defense of liberty abroad was reduced to Carter’s pathetic gesture of boycotting the Moscow Olympics.

The sorry Democratic mismanagement of both economic and foreign policy led to a series of landslide Republican presidential victories and finally a decade of GOP congressional dominance. Yet, amazingly, none of these severe reality checks halted the Democrats' steady leftward drift.

Maloney reminds America that there is no rosy Democrat future for America based on a time in the past where Democrats produced an American Narvanic experience.

There is only the prospect of America hating Liberals attempting to remake America into a nightmare of a dream. Not a Martin Luther King dream of living in Christian harmony but the nightmare of forcing America into the failed socio-economic policies of Europe.

Policies that even now Europe is attempting to cast off. This is where Democrat Liberals would take America back to if Democrats were elected in greater numbers in Congress and if Barack Obama were elected President. (see video)

America is not going back to a Democrat make believe fantasy, some Camelot that never existed not as long as the other half of the country joined by Independents have a say in this election.

2000 and 2004 failed to wake Democrats from their delusions about America and the American people but saying no to Barack Obama and the Democrat Party in 2008 sends a strong message that the American people will not taken in by the rhetoric and pretense of Democrat play acting.

The America people will not allow Democrats to “take America back” to never, never land, its time for Democrats to end the self delusion about Europe and come back to the American family!

It's time Democrats offer some real choices instead of false hope and false woman's rights advocates.

It's time Democrats quit talking down America it is time Democrats stop talking down the economy and it is time Democrats stop apologizing to Europe for America's protection of Europe and for America's rebuilding of Europe after World War II.

Most of all it time that Democrats stop seeking leadership under false pretenses, false change and false Messiahs.


  1. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Interesting title: "Democrats Vow to Take America Back". It was never theirs to begin with. The Obama speach was loaded with empty falsehoods and offensive personal attacks, but little in the way of substance. I suppose that bitter sick deranged people would like it, but I don't. I've lost my taste for Baloney years ago.

    As I said before, Obama is performing one miracle, making McCain walk on water.

  2. I agree with you Obama's speech of his life was no substance and highly offensive.

    But that's par for the course for a partisan hack who touts the Democrat line of Blame America first.

  3. Here is another interesting little article, concerning "the party of fairness".

  4. What do you expect of a candidate who's biggest fans are the movie studios, the overpaid hack performers, and the dyed-in-the-wool liberal media?

    This is the stuff Grade B movies are made of. CUT!!!

  5. RC,
    I've been reading about the Ayers connection and this thing should blow up in the Democrats' collective faces!

    If it were a Republican we'd have Jack Abramoff scandal all over again!

    Let's see if Main stream media will pay it any attention.

  6. The main stream media a.k.a. The Ministry Of Truth (Orwells 1984) will probably leave it alone. The liberal crack-pots in Hollywood and everywhere else wouldn't listen anyway.

  7. The Obama/Ayers connection is a lot deeper than anybody has publicized.... yet!

    There are memos between Ayers and Obama surfacing that might shed just a little more light on the whole subject.

    The Obama camp says that he is not responsible for something that Ayers did when Obama was 8 years old. Why then are they on "friendly terms", has Obama sat on a few boards with him, had him lecture to his class under his professorship, and why have they visited each other's houses?

    Most importantly, why is the Obama camp desperately trying to cover their tracks and their past statements.

    Is this all "made-up" stuff, of have the Democrats really stepped into it this time????