Thursday, August 28, 2008

The're Making the Bulls Larger Today!

It must be so.......... because I have never seen so
much "bullcrap" in one location. The Democratic
Convention is a mix of propaganda, celebrity, empty
promises and outright BS.

To listen to Obama, one would have to believe that all
his grand promises would be filled. Except for the
ones that are too difficult, cost too much, or not have
the backing of a Democratic Congress. What makes these
mindless sheep, who scream endlessly at the Convention,
think for one minute that Obama actually will be able
to change one thing in "old Washington", when he has
BECOME, "old Washington". Add to that, his poor
choice of Biden as his VP, and you HAVE "old Washington".

He speaks in generalities, of all the passions that all
Americans have. To want peace, prosperity, a comfortable
home, a reliable job, good schools, etc., etc. And he
claims that all of his unrealistic programs will be paid for
while giving tax cuts to some 250,000,000 people, allowing
small business the lower taxes necessary for them to grow.

Obama is going to examine the budget "line by line" and
eliminate wasteful and ineffective programs, in order to
free funds for his promises. Duuhhhhhhhhh, isn't that what
President Bush has done for the past eight years? BUT,
when he did that, the cries from the left side of the aisle
in Congress were deafening. I guess that Congress will just
give Obama a larger shovel!

The few good ideas that he "proposed" were stolen directly
from his oponent, John McCain, who was the first to advocate
offshore and Anwar drilling, more nuclear power plants, and clean
coal technology, while we develop the alternate energy sources.
Up until tonight, I thought Obama was still against those plans,
and wanted us all to check our tire pressure, and save as much
oil as offshore drilling would produce. He is truly the epitome
of the Washington politician!!!!!

This man is definitely a "rock star celebrity". All fluff
and fanfare, and absolutely no substance. And the Democrats
have done a fantastic job of creating a silk purse out of a
sow's ear. An eloquent ear I grant, but one filled with
empty rhetoric.

He promises a "turning point" in American History. Maybe so,
but none of us want that direction to be down!!!!!

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  1. Brook,
    I thought it a completely uninteresting and uninspiring rehash and compilation of his stump speeches.

    Nothing new and definitely nothing to change the minds of Independents and Conservatives.

    Democrats can't win with only Democrat support and if the other half of the country feels like you and I Obama will join the ranks of Gore and Kerry.