Thursday, August 28, 2008

Deceived, Deluded and Democrat

Sen. Clinton recanting her experience over Bosnia

Fairy Tale! That word was first attached to Barack Obama by former Democrat President Bill Clinton but that word easily describes what I saw viewing the Democratic National Convention and every Democrat that participated in the lies, deceit and deception that prevailed this week at the Democrats’ group psychoses that Democrats called a Convention. (see story)

If I didn’t know better I’d thought that I had tuned in to a Star Trek convention and the participants where all vying to bolding lie where no other had lied before. (No offense meant to any Trekke. You know that you’re pretending)

First Michelle Obama’s attempt to take back her, “for the first time I’m proud of America” harangue and replace it with, we’re an American family just like you, was asking Americans for a suspension of disbelief.

That was not the Michelle Obama that has been stumping for her husband in the primaries and recently in the general election in which she has been running down America as a place that a family like hers can’t catch a break thereby offering the suggestion that only her husband is the solution.

Byron York’s Michelle Obama’s two Americascontrasts the two Michelle Obamas and interesting enough the one who spoke on Monday night failed to mention the ugly America that she had not been proud of for all these many years.

Such a radical and sudden change in Mrs. Obama sentiments leaves one to think that Mrs. Obama’s new found love for America is deceitful and nothing more than a convenient jail house conversion to get into the “Big house.” A sudden change such as Mrs. Obama's change is not worthy of any real consideration.

The follow Tuesday night Sen. Hillary Clinton the, “Queen of Delusion” spoke to her loyal subjects as they all pretended that this was Hillary’s convention. Never has so many self-deluded miscreants campaigned so hard for a self-deluded bear faced liar as Hillary Clinton.

The only reason that is wasn’t Clinton’s night and her convention is she beamed the truth off to some distant 1990’s planet and wouldn’t relent from her delusional state even though video proof was presented that she was a liar about Bosnia as she lies so easily and unnecessarily about almost everything that she claims. (see video)

Now, Democrats don’t mind liars (the whole Democrat campaign is built on lies) they just don't care for candidates that aren’t nuanced in the fine art of lying like an (Is, is) Bill Clinton or a ( what I said was, and what I also said is) Barack Obama.

For going on eight years and two presidential cycles Democrats have hoped that their deceit and delusion would change the American’s people opinion of them and of the reality of what America really is.

Sure America isn’t prefect but it isn’t what Democrats describe it to be either. What the Democrats have proven in 2000, 2004 and 2006 is that they can get at least half of the country to participant in their group psychoses, fortunately the other half of the country does not think that the change that Barack Obama and the Democrats are promoting is good for America.

Fortunately the other half of the country doesn’t think that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are good Congressional leaders.

And Fortunately the other half of the country sees the Democrat Party for what it is, deceived, delusional and pathetically hunting for that great White Whale, the White house.

Fortunately Americans wouldn’t vote for Captain Ahab for President and hopefully they won’t vote for a ride of change on the Pequod under the command of Captain Obama!

And what's this about Sen. Obama still blantantly attempting to hide the truth about his associations? (see story) (and then see video)

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  1. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I think that Obama may yet pull off a miracle this convention! He will make John McCain walk on water!

    What's that about Obama's favorite scripural verse about what you do for the least of my flock, you do to me? What has he done for his half-brothers in Africa who live in grinding poverty? What does the Bible say about people who don't take care of their family? Was it something about being worse than a heretic or heathen?

    It's becoming increasingly easy that Obama will accomplish the miracle of making McCain walk on water.

    Holy God! Holy Mighty! Holy Immortal!

    Have Mercy on Us!