Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Racist and Misogynic Democrats

Rejected Sen. Hillary Clinton: First woman seriously considered for President

Race is not the biggest factor driving Democrats and independents away from Obama. Doubts about his competency loom even larger, the poll indicates. -- RON FOURNIER AND TREVOR TOMPSON

You remember Harriet Christian, Sen. Clinton supporter who damned the Democrats for their blatant sexism against her candidate don’t you? I knew you would!

Harriet on Neil Cavuto has a chance to explain why she is voting for John McCain is seems that the racial bigotry and sexism of the Democrats have driven Harriet to vote for Sen. Cain. In Harriet’s words she didn’t leave the Democrats the Democrats left her! (see video)

So just where do Democrats get off lecturing anyone about race or sexism? I have seen enough racism and misogyny coming from the Democrats in the last nine months in the Democratic primaries, where Democrats battled for either Black supremacy or Women’s empowerment that Democrats have lost and no longer hold exclusive rights on championing minority rights.

Democrats rejected Hillary Clinton which would have given women the first opportunity to become President of the United States of America. And now Democrats and their Media allies have launched a full scale attack to destroy a second woman, Gov. Sarah Palin, who if her ticket is elected Palin would be the first woman to become Vice President.

But it doesn’t stop there, according to the Media one third of Democrats say that they will not vote for a Black man, Barack Hussein Obama to become President of the United States of America. Striking a pre-emptive Racism Card at Democrats and Republicans alike to get Barack Obama elected.

Democrats are one screwed up hate filled Party, yes they are, and now they are attempting to infect the general election with their own unique brand of Obama racism and Palin, women hatred.

“If you don’t vote for Obama you’re a bigot!” Oh please! If you don’t vote for Obama that’s because like Harriet Christian you know that Obama is inadequate and unqualified! It has everything to do with his using the Senate, the 143 days of the four years that he actually worked there, as a springboard for the presidential nomination of his Party.

Obama gave one speech at the Democrat Convention in 2004 and took a field trip to Europe and the Middle East a couple of months ago (where by the way he violated the Logan Act) and Democrats think that, he’s qualified to be President?

Sen. Obama is a Prom King hoping for the popularity vote to crown him President of the United States. Obama is the Paris Hilton, Barbara Steisand celebrity candidate that 250 Democrat luminaries plopped down $28,500-a-plate like "buttah" to wine and dine with for a night.

Obama is the first cause célèbre Presidential candidate of the United States, just put his face on a tee shirt right next to your “Save Darfur!” button and you’re the coolest hippest 21st century "back to the 60s radical" this side of Chicago!

Even Film maker Woody Allen is down for the cause! Allen says: (see story)

"It would be a disgrace and a humiliation if Barack Obama does not win,"—Woody Allen, American film producer and incestuous father, husband

Funny I always thought that sleeping with and marrying your adopted daughter was a disgrace and a humiliation. I guess things have changed right Woody? Right Sen. Obama?

Interesting how RON FOURNIER AND TREVOR TOMPSON attempted to report that bigoted white Democrats could spell doom for the Obama Presidential campaign. But failed because deep down hidden in their race baiting article a little light of truth peered out from their media driven Obama Racism and Misogyny. (see story)

At the very bottom of the story Fournier and Tompson admitted:

Race is not the biggest factor driving Democrats and independents away from Obama. Doubts about his competency loom even larger, the poll indicates. Still, the effects of whites' racial views are apparent.

Whoa!!! It’s just like Harriet Christian said! People are not voting for Obama because he is an inadequate, unqualified, inexperienced and incompetent Presidential nominee.

How dare the Democrats attack another woman running for office, Gov. Sarah Palin and how dare the Democrats attempt to make Racism a factor when it has been them all along that have had issues with Racism.

If they didn’t want a Black candidate they shouldn’t have nominated him. But if he loses don’t try to blame it on American Racism. The blame should rightly go on Democrats themselves for putting up two candidates based solely on the Sex and Race of those candidates and not on real experience and qualifications.

I agree with Harriet Christian, God damn the Democrats for attempting to invoke Racism to cover up their candidate’s inadequacies!

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  1. Having been told by his parents about the barbaric practices of the police in Syria, Neil Cavuto begged them not to send him there.