Monday, October 13, 2008


I was amazed, and apalled by the sudden and dramatic rise in Obama's popularity at the peak of the financial crisis. Most of that was because he chose to "sit it out" until the dust settled. His comment, "call me if you need me", shows the absolute disconnect he actually has with the "middle class", as he likes to refer to most of us who aren't on the dole.

Only when the waters had settled, did he dare to come out and then criticize McCain, who put his personal career on the line and headed for DC from the start. McCain was ready to risk it all for the welfare of the country. Obama put his career ahead of all of us.

McCain took a hit in the polls, probably because his interest was to protect our investments and savings, and Obama and his liberal cronies were trying to protect those on the public welfare rolls. And since the Democrats had successfully registered three times more of those(totally ignorant) "voters", the polls are skewered.

Now, with the markets rebounding, and the confidence returning, I think that those among us with the intelligence to see what Obama was doing, will once again abandon his socialistic policies and return to the real American world.

There has alread been a two point shift to McCain, and the dust hasn't settled yet. A week ago, a political pundit remarked that Obama had "peaked too soon", and that he would have a hard job maintaing his lead. I agree!!

Obama is rapidly becoming NOBAMA!

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