Monday, October 13, 2008

The Time is NOW!!!!!

What a mess! The Democrats are screaming “foul”
and “voter suppression”, because some states are
following the federally mandated law of checking
voter registration against driver’s licenses and
Social Security numbers.

What is wrong with that? Well, if you are a liberal
Democrat.............EVERYTHING! How can they
register illegals, felons, dead people and living people
73 times (as one witness has testified about Acorn)?

I suggest that ALL early registrations/votes be
determined NULL AND VOID............ and that all
voters must be present at the voting booths ON ELECTION
DAY, with proof of exactly who they are. Only legitimate
absentee ballots should be allowed for this and all
subsequent elections.

Too much of this early registration/voting has been
planned by the liberals, in order to get early votes for
Obama, before the rest of the truth about him comes out,
and by then it will be too late to void the votes.
And believe me, there is a lot yet to come about Obama.
He has not been truthful AT ALL, about his ties and his
past. Just reading his books reveals a lot (see my other
post here).

I think this just strengthens the need for a National Identity
Card. What honest law-abiding citizen could object to the
world knowing exactly who he/she is? The only ones against
this are criminals, illegals, people operating on the fringes
of legality, and of course, the ACLU, who's only purpose is to destroy the United States.

We need a national referendum on the ballot, as soon as possible, to address this subject. I can guarantee that it would pass
by a very wide margin. It will prevent so many of the abuses
of today, including voter fraud, income tax evasion, legal alien status, and criminal identification.

Get with it people! It’s our country and we are about to
have it stolen from us.

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