Wednesday, November 05, 2008


President Bush and his unsuccessful third term

It took them three elections but they’ve finally done what they set out to do. Democrats have defeated President George W. Bush.

Oh he wasn’t running and he didn’t campaigning in 2008 but you wouldn’t have known that from the campaign that Sen. Barack Obama and the Democrat leadership ran. In the record 10 months that this campaign took George Bush’s name was invoked in vain more than the Pope prays.

Democrat’s campaign strategy was to make this presidential campaign about George Bush and they accomplished that. They can’t defeat him in 2000 and they didn’t defeat him in 2004 so they defeated him symbolically in absentia in 2008 and that’s just as good as a real win for Democrats.

So now that George Bush is finally defeated and Democrats won’t have him to kick around anymore who are they going to blame when they are in power and they actually receive what they’ve asked for?

They asked for the presidency and control of congress and now they’ve got it. Are they, through their media friends, going to make excuses about why they can’t deliver on their promises to fix the economy and promote peace and goodwill throughout the world?

If we are attacked January 21st or 22nd as Vice President elect Joseph Biden has predicted will George Bush be blamed? He better not be!

According to Liberals who blame president Bush for everything that happen during his presidency, Bush wouldn’t have anything to do with a 21st or 22nd attack because as Biden pointed out if Obama is elected the world will test him (Obama) and that has nothing to do with any previous policies of the Bush administration that will be on Biden’s and Obama’s watch and if it should happen as Biden promised that it will, it will be completely because of Barack Obama not George W. Bush.

As Democrats, Liberals, Europeans, al Qaeda, Hamas, Iran, the United Nations, George Soros,, the Daily Kos and all other enemies of the United States savor this moment of victory over George Bush and celebrate George Bush’s defeat let us all turn our attention to the “anybody but Bush” that is going to be the 44th President of the United States of America.

What do you know about Senator and President elect Barack Hussein Obama? Where was he born? Is he a Natural born citizen of the United States of America? Is he even a citizen of the United States of America? Is he a Marxist socialist or a Socialist Marxist?

Just what is a civilian force that is just as well fund, just as strong and just as powerful as the U.S. military and why does Obama want one?

Does he intend to bankrupt coal mining industries and the states which produce coal, is he going to rid America of its nuclear weapons as he has promised? Will he subjugate the U.S. to an U.N. global tax under the only bill that he has authored in Congress, bill number S.2433, the Global poverty act of 2007 which would spread American tax payer's wealth around world-wide.

There are plenty of questions for a president elect who has his health, college and birth records sealed. Plenty of questions for someone who convinced the American people to vote for him not on the strength of his experience, he has none, not on his proven track record, there is no record.

The American people elected Barack Hussein Obama simply on hate not hope. It was because of hate of the White man that Senator Obama was elect that and because of his attacks against the Bush administration.

Democrats and Senator Obama defeated President George Bush. Like the saying goes, "The third time’s the charm." With that Conservatives are also defeated, we are beaten but not bowed. We will root out the failed Bush, McCain, Lindsey Graham Conservatives from the Party and rebuild for 2012 with the energized Sarah Palin Conservatives.

You know it’s occurred to me that instead of a farewell address President Bush should just concede the lost of the 2008 presidential race, he wasn’t running but boy did they run against him!

President Bush has surely earned as much.


  1. Anonymous5:19 AM

    McT*rd has sold out the Republicans yet another time with his inneffective campaign. The only bright spot in this election is that the Democrats have only 56 Senators instead of 60. McT*rd protected the Judicial Fillibuster, yet I don't expect that piece of excrement to keep even that intact. McT*rd's greatest accomplishment is in finding ways to unilaterally disarm.

    Now we must acclimate ourselves to the New Order, Comrade. There are Trial Baloons out there that Talk Radio should be regulated like Pornography, which gives their opinion of Freedom of Speech. May this kind of arrogance be their undoing.

  2. My post immediately follows yours, Alaphiah, and my words can't express my true thoughts!

    The far left is jumping out of their skins now, but believe me, it won't be long before there is blood in the water, between the White House and the Congress.

    Obama knows that he cannot get Pelosi's agenda through, if he even thinks of the possibility of a second term. He will have to soft-pedal it for a couple of years at least, in order for the independents to get used to his "governing".

    This is going to give the Republican Party the necessary time to regroup, select a tough leader, and stay on both Obama's and Congress' cases.

    I doubt that we will see the same comfortable margin for the Democrats, come the next congressional election.

  3. Anonymous7:02 AM

    That would be an interesting fight. Obama wants to run for a second term, yet Nasty Pelosi's and Hairy Reed's Agenda gets in the way.

    I'm like the Vulture, who was watching a Lion-Tiger fight with his friend the Buzzard, "Let them fight, Buzzard! There will be plenty of goodies after the fight."