Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Give Us a Break!!!!!!!

For Heaven's sake, stop pinning all those laurels
on Barack Obama, for his "fantastic" win. Was
it ever in doubt???

The liberal media "anointed" him early on, and the
liberal "academics" shoved him down the throats of
their students. They indoctrinated them, the way
they have perverted the educational system
to the very
way that Obama encourages........with both verbal
and financial support.

Now...........that he has been "anointed" president,
we should all bow to those on the far left, and puke
in their laps.
God help this country, now that we
have the wacko liberals so nicely entrenched in DC.

Another thing that just rubs me the wrong way, is Obama's
claim to being "black"......... another ruse fostered
on the American voter. He is black strictly by choice,
in his own words, in his own books. He long ago
separated himself from the 50% white blood of his
mother, and the 12 1/2% arab blood that runs through
his veins from his paternal grandfather, and decided
that his
37 1/2% black blood, was the crucial link to

Being a very smart, though dishonest
politician.......... a student of the Chicago political
machine where he learned at the hands of the masters
of corruption and deceit.
He figured that "being white"would
make him 'just one of the guys', "being arab" would
not help him one bit in this present world environment,
BUT "being black" would get him the support of all the
blacks in the United States,
, (which it actually
did) and the far left who would
bend over backwards to support "a brother".

This election was a farce from the start, and will come
back to haunt the Democratic party........ maybe in as
little as 4 years. It might start as early as the next
Congressional elections
. The American people love to
see the underdog prevail, but not when they are deceived.

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