Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obama's Chicago Three Card Monty

Gov. Rod Blagojevich and President-elect Obama
"I know he's talked to the governor," David Axelrod, 11/23/08 on Fox News
Like trying to beat a fast talking Chicago street thug in a game of Three Card Monty you can't pick the right card to win against Barack Obama.

Pick a card any card now watch Obama mix 'em. You picked birth certificate. Sorry that's not the card U.S. Supreme Court says so. Next!

You picked the card corrupted associations that's William Ayers, Tony Rezko, Saul Alinsky and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Sorry Obama was elected in spite of his relationships with these men. Besides Obama didn't know what these men were up to! Sorry that's not the card.

You picked the card Acorn,, George Soros and Chicago styled corrupted politics. Sorry again total malfeasance and corrupted politics but once again you can't blame Barack Obama for the actions of others. Wrong card again.

Okay you getting wise you following the cards you think you can get it now? Its only three cards so let Obama mix 'em and now you pick okay you picked Chicago Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich a criminal complaint and arrest against him for corruption, attempting to sell Obama's Senate seat and swearing that Obama was going to have to pay him big time for the favor of putting Obama's choice and long time confidante Valerie Jarrett (who has now withdrawn her name from consideration) in the Senate seat Quid Pro Quo. (see story)

On November 23, you even got Obama adviser David Axelrod saying. "I know he's talked to the governor," Axelrod said this on Fox News Chicago in response to a question about Obama's involvement in filling his Senate seat but in classic Obama Orwellian scrubbing of the news to reinvent the truth the smoking gun video of Axelrod actually saying that Obama knew has been taken off of You Tube! (see story)

The vids been scrubbed and Axelrod another highly trained Con man is saying that he misspoke in this best Orwellian Wilson Smith impersonation.

But wait you remember former Special prosecutor PATRICK FITZGERALD? Fitzgerald is now the Illinois U.S. Attorney. He steps in and halts the investigation on Gov. Blagojevich saying that his office is making "no allegations" that President-elect Barack Obama was aware of any alleged scheming and then he promptly arrests Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich before a visible link can be established to Obama. Fitzgerald said that Gov. Blagojevich was on a crime spree and Obama didn’t know anything about it? Oh please!

This is classic Obama everyone around him is either a criminal, a radical or a malcontent and he knows or knew nothing about any of it!

Obama himself is making the round and guess what he’s saying… that’s right he knew nothing about Gov. Blagojevich, in the words of Peter the denier of Jesus, Obama never knew the man! Yeah that and a ham sandwich will make you a Muslim! (see story)

Might I remind you that after winning the General Election Obama moved his whole operation to Chicago. At first I scratched my head and thought now that's strange. But I guess Rod Blagojevich Chicago politics is what Obama knew best.

Yet once again Obama is being shielded from any appearance of guilt. Sorry this too is the wrong card if you thought that Obama was selling his Senate seat Quid pro quo. That of course is according to Patrick Fitzgerald another Chicagoan, David Axelrod who can't seem to get his story straight and the Con man der-in-Chief elect Barack Hussein Obama!

See you can't beat a playa doing his thug thizzle with the Chicago Three Card Monty! The Gov. of Illinois Rod Blagojevich may be as guilty as hell for attempting to sell the open Senate seat of Barack Obama and Blagojevich may have been waiting for some kind of Quid pro Quo from Barack Obama but fool this three card Monty is Obama's game you can’t bet a playa at his own game so Sorry suckers you lose again. You just can't pick the right card against the next Con Man der-in-chief.


  1. Anonymous4:48 AM

    It's not Three Card Monte, it's Cutthroat Canasta.

    In Cutthroat Canasta, there are three players, two in a coalition against a third. In this case, Barack Obama & Rahm Emmanuel are one player. Allied to them are the Republicans (with FitzPatrick as a nominal Republican) are another player. Blago is the Third Player, whom the other two have turned on.

    You should see how the leftwing bloggers are howling for Blago's scalp. Lake Michigan gets pretty cold this time of year, and Blago might just wind up being taken to a Chicago Mafia-style Beach Party. Blago had better come up with something good if he wants to survive this. Let's just say that Blago is Obama's present to Fitz for a Resume Item.

  2. By whatever name the stench is just as rancid.

    This is the Pandra's box that was released in the the American politico by electing the Con man der-in-Chief

  3. Anonymous11:16 AM

    O Great Alaphiah:

    You are missing the Blagojovitch Fun in teh Leftist Blogs. The AngryBlackB**ch made a funny when she said something about a Nasty A$$ Stink Bomb in-a-crowded-room Whodunit. There is also some talk about a Texas-Style Sleighride through the Cactus and a Louisian-Style ski ride through the Gators.

    Rod is in deep doodoo.

  4. You'll have to get me a copy of your blogroll so that I can keep up with you.

    Blagojevich is not going down without a fight and since Fitzgerald did him the favor of stopping him before he committed a felony he'll probably be around as long as Al Frankken in Minnesota's recount!

  5. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Do you realize that if Blagojovitch is not going down without a fight and will take out Rahm Emmanuel and as many others as he can just to save his miserable hide, then you will want to see this Blagojvitch Scandal prolonged?

    That he is going down is without question. How slowly and painfully is the question. It would be fun if Blago names Jesse Jackson Jr. Senator out of spite.

    Where's my Thorazine? . . . I think I'm going insane!