Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yo Ho Ho and a Tanker of Oil

Somali pirates in small boats hijacked the arms-laden Ukrainian freighter Faina
[T]he world’s legal apparatus is woefully confused as to how to respond to piracy. Are the Somali pirates ordinary criminals, or a quasi-military force?-- DOUGLAS R. BURGESS Jr., The New York Times
Blimy me buckoos where's international law when ye need it?

Piracy on the high seas me maties. Argh, and the seas are governed by international laws and absolutely no wooden leg seadog is enforcing it.

DOUGLAS R. BURGESS Jr.’s, “Piracy is Terrorism” gives us all a look at what life will be under international law and if we choose to pursue terrorist with subpoenas and arrest warrants under the Obama administration and Globalist treaties. (see story)

In clear acts of war against the civilized world, Somali pirates brazenly exploit the dovish course that the western world is on as Islamofascist terrorism escalates its assault against the western world’s economic power.

According to Burgess, the question [of whether these acts are a violation of international law or acts of war] is not insignificant. It has virtually paralyzed the navies [of countries] called to police the Gulf of Aden. The German Navy frigate Emden, on patrol this spring to intercept Qaeda vessels off the Somali coast, encountered pirate vessels attacking a Japanese tanker. But since it was allowed to intervene only if the pirates were defined as “terrorists,” the Emden had no choice but to let the pirates go.

Currently, 13 vessels are held by pirates in the Gulf of Aden, while the navies of a dozen nations circle almost helplessly.

13 vessels are held by pirates in the Gulf of Aden laden with everything from oil to military weapons and the world’s internationalist don’t know what to do?

I heard that the pirates are asking for multi-millions of dollars in ransom moneys to help fund international terrorism. Recent evidence indicates that the Somali pirates hand over a part of their millions in ransom money to Al Shabaab, the Somali rebel group that has been linked to Al Qaeda.

I say pay them! American taxpayers were just ripped off of 3 to 6 trillion dollars in the largest hijacking of a financial economy in world history a few multi-millions to get the Saudi oil back, which helps fund terrorism, is a small price to pay for a people who are going to be put on the hook for international taxes on Global warming as we are all headed for in a one world rule global economy under the control of terrorist whether they wear facial hoods and carry semi-automatic weapons or whether they hide behind laws and treaties as they exploit their booty from law abiding taxpayers.

Unlike Burgess I don’t think international law, treaties or courts are the answer to terrorism by piracy. As Burgess demonstrates by his arguments there is already hundreds of years of international law enough to deal with the Somali pirates but no one is doing anything but paying the demanded ransom. Unless international attorneys trade in their briefcases for armament or some country or countries declare war on these scoundrels hapless internationalist will continue to stand by as they always do as threats go unchallenged in the world.

Remember Darfur anyone? What has international law done about Darfur?

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