Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Real Change equals Senate minus Harry Reid

Reid in forefront, Pelosi Clyburn and Dodd
Sen. Reid, perhaps the most-vulnerable Democrat who will face re-election in a midterm race-- T.W. FARNAM, TWSJ
He is the face of what is wrong with American politics. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is the bi-partisan rancor that has been plaguing Washington politics for well over twelve years. (see story)

The only thing is, most of us will not be able to vote him out of office only Nevadans will have that special privilege.

Harry Reid pronounced that the Iraq war was lost when it wasn’t, Harry Reid who openly undermined this country while we were at war.

Harry Reid is to America what Doctor Smith was to Will Robinson and the crew of Lost in Space. “Danger America, Danger America!
Sen. Reid, however, faces a potentially tough fight. A recent Research 2000 poll of likely voters put his approval rating at 38% and his disapproval rating at 54%, a possible reflection of voters' displeasure with gridlock and partisanship in Washington.-- T.W. FARNAM, TWSJ
Sen. Reid is worried that the people of America will actually want change and put an end to the bi-partisanship that has been the hallmark of Harry Reid politics.

Yet he is preparing to fight to keep his seat of power and will not be so easily removed.

Well here it is America you said that you wanted change, you said that you don’t like the bi-partisan gridlock, the do nothing Congress, if you where serious about any of it you will encourage Nevadans to vote out one of the chief architects of Senate ineptitude, dissention and bi-partisan gridlock. He is the scourge of our troops and a nemesis to America, Sen. Harry Reid most be voted out of Congress!

For a better America, vote anybody but Reid!

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