Monday, December 29, 2008

This is the Dawning of the Era of Obama

Palestinians carry a wounded man after Israeli air force attacked Gaza City December 27, 2008.

You were warned. You didn’t listen and now the Palestinians have promised to unleash hell on earth and believe me there will be blood. There will be war and blood! If you don’t know this is just one of the tests for your President-elect Barack Hussein Obama.

Can you blame this on President Bush in any way? Oh I know that you wish you could and you might try but as Vice President-elect Joseph Biden warned this crisis is singularly Obama’s (see video)

Since December 19th 2008 Hamas has officially declared an end to the cease fire between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza strip however they have been firing missiles into Israel for months. (see story) and (here)
Palestinian group Hamas has declared that the six-month ceasefire between Israel and the Gaza Strip is over.

The ceasefire officially ended at daybreak in Gaza on Friday and came after armed Palestinian groups admitted that they had been using the truce to train and better arm themselves.
Israel and Palestinian militant groups reached an Egyptian-mediated cease-fire in June after months of indirect negotiations. The deal halted a deadly cycle of Palestinian rocket attacks and Israeli reprisals. This is the ceasefire which Hamas violated by showering Israel with missiles

For two months now Hamas Palestinians have been raining hundreds of missiles on Israel attempting to kill Jews indiscriminately and in response Israel retaliated by firing back 30 targeted missiles aimed at missile sites and supply tunnels. As you know terrorist purposely position their missile launch sites in the middle of civilian populated areas for the purpose of protecting their launch sites with potential civilian blood if enemies choose to retaliate. Try as you may you can not blame Israel for this violence this is terrorist initiated violence. (see video)

If there were a U.S. administration that was perceived as squarely supportive of Israel it is highly unlikely that terrorist would be attacking Israel now but because President-elect Obama has attempted to have it both ways Hamas is pressing Obama and a Democrat controlled Congress to see if Democrats will be as feckless with their support of Israel as they’ve been for 6 years of the Iraq war.

Now that terrorist have the leadership that they want in America you can bet as Vice President-elect Joe Biden has warned Barack Obama will be tested.

Hamas repeated rocket and mortar attacks against Israel are just one of the first of such tests!

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