Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nah nah nah nah, hey hey, good-bye

Citizen Bush

“…therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee."—John Donne

Well what did you expect President Bush? Eight years ago you came to Washington D.C. and you said that you were a uniter not a divider remember that? President Bush I’m thinking that you mis-underestimated Liberals and Washington D.C. politics.

Apparently you thought that if you came to D.C. with good intentions you would be loved and accepted by everyone. The only thing is Liberals, Democrats and D.C. politics chewed you up and evacuated you out of its south side. President Bush you became the face of what Liberals hate the most, someone who espouses Christian ethics and lives an honestly decent life.

For your confession of faith in Jesus Christ and because you were somewhat Conservative you caught eight years of hell in D.C. as apart of the larger culture wars. But the greater tragedy is because you never lifted a finger to defend yourself or Christian values or Conservativism you allowed the whole Republican Party to be almost irreparably damaged by those who attempted to destroy you and what you represented, Conservative values.

President Bush your compassionate Conservatism left the Republican Party in shambles because you chose to appease Democrats that considered you their enemy rather than take Democrats at their words when they said that they hate Republicans and they hated everything about Republicans. You never quite understood that Democrats were waging war against you while you were engaging in gentlemanly Marquess of Queensberry Politics(see previous post)

To hear Democrats now talk of bipartisanship after what they’ve done to you, Mr. Bush is like being defeated by the sword of Islam and then afterwards Islamists tell their vanquished foes that they are free to worship Allah any time they please.

Just as an offer to worship Allah is not an offer of freedom of worship, neither should Democrat’s recent talk of bipartisanship be confused with fair, equal and inclusive politics. Remember when the Democrats where out of power they were willing to lose the Iraq war thus seriously jeopardizing the security of America in order to defeat you Mr. Bush.

Democrats have declared an absolute jihad against Conservativism and in eight years they were able to sack the Congress raze the Bush White house. And now that they have the White house the Judiciary is next.

While it is true that Bush hatred is a real phenomena, it is only the lesser of the greater threat. You see Bush hatred is only cursory and as I stated before President Bush was only the face of Conservatism in the minds of the haters. What Democrats are really after is Conservatism and everything that Conservatives stand for.

J.R. Dunn wrote in American Thinker an excellent thesis on Bush hatred in which he states that President Bush endured a deliberate and planned assault on everything he stood for, everything he was involved in, everything he tried to accomplish. (see story)
There is one thing certain to go through Barack Obama's mind during the inauguration: at one point or another, while glancing at George W. Bush, he will consider the treatment that Bush got as president and hope to God he suffers nothing even vaguely similar.

It can be stated without fear of serious argument that no previous president has been treated as brutally, viciously, and unfairly as George W. Bush.
--J.R. Dunn
Democrats believe that they not only defeated George W. Bush they believe that they have destroyed Conservatism. Democrats believe that the Era of Barack Hussein Obama signals the end of Conservatism in this its last and greatest stronghold, America

The taunting of President Bush was not taunting of him alone, it was taunting of you and me. It was taunting of everything and everyone who believes in traditional values and Conservative ideas.

So don’t weep too deeply for President Bush, for in the end he too deserted Conservatives and Conservative ideas. No save your tears for yourselves because the hate that was directed at President Bush was really meant for you.

When they were taunting Bush they were taunting you the Conservative, the goodbyes were for you. The hate, for you, Democrats believe that this is the end of Conservatism in America, to which they sing the refrain…
Nah nah nah nah, hey hey, good-bye!


  1. Hey,

    I just came across your blog (interests: global warming!) and think that it is really meaningful, but do you really think the hatred towards ex-president Bush was "unfair"? He did indeed agree to spend tons of unneccessary money in the Iraq war when his people, the citizens of the United States, were against it. The things this money could have been used for-- research and funding for AIDS, global warming, stem cell research, poverty, education, worldwide starvation... Plus, the hate is not directed only at his conservative ideas... I might be a smudge bias (liberal all the way!)

    Anyways, great blog. :)

  2. Hey Sarah there is a principle that a lot of people try to live by; "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

    Remember about half of America voted against President Obama if these citizens began to treat Obama like Liberals treated Bush would you feel such treatment would be justified?

    After all Obama policies will be against what the America people want just as you say Bush's were.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Good point. It wouldn't be justified, athough I suppose that was a rhetorical question. However, it was not really the group labeled "Liberals" who was "hating" Bush, it was more of the citizens against the war and his ideas-- like how at the last moments of his presidency, he attempted to auction national park surrounding areas to oil companies and refuses to help the polar bears by allowing the drilling. (Although... maybe its just me who is especially angered by those particular last minute actions.. :P other probably care more about taxes and stuff.)

    Come visit! (even if you believe in "global cooling")

  4. Oh,Sarah but it was the "group" labeled Liberals that did the hating!

    BTW would you consider yourself Liberal or Conservative?

    Anyways thanks for the dialogue and I will visit!!!

    Good health and fortune to you