Monday, February 02, 2009

The Dems Just Don’t Get it!

President Obama is upset that some “modest differences”
in the ‘stimulus package’, should prevent passage.

Exactly what part of “IT WON’T WORK”, doesn’t he and
flunkies like Barney Frank not understand? This package
is nothing but a bunch of pork, with some “income
redistribution” thrown in for good measure, in order to
get the backing of low income voters, and assure the dems
re-election in ‘12.

Nancy (oink) Pelosi is at the top of the dole-out list,
with her prepostrous requests for monies that have
absolutely nothing to do with stimulating growth. Giving
free birth control to low-income women, doesn’t grow the
economy. Carrying that theory to the ridiculous, it actually
hurts it by not bringing more children into the world.
Incidentally, there are already dozens of such programs in
place on the national and local levels.

Add to that, her insulting ninety three thousand dollar
increase in the individual petty cash accounts, of all
senators and representatives, and you know that Nancy
doesn’t give a damn about you, me or the country. Just
herself and her piggish pals. (Republicans will vote
that in also, because pork knows no party).

The bulk of “Obama’s” plan (that’s spelled
P - E - L - O -S -I) allocates millions and millions
of wasted dollars, to programs that have proved failures
in the past, and will again. This is even less than
applying a band-aid to a hemorrhaging economy. These
policies have proved disastrous whenever they have been
enacted, and only pad the voting rolls for the democrats.
Only the ill-informed, ignorant, lazy and unscrupulous
believe that taking an unearned handout from the
government, is good for the economy or the country.
All is does is grow government, permanently increase
the federal budget, and cause larger and larger deficits
as we go down the line. Eventually, these deficits
will trigger the largest and longest round of tax
increases in the history of the United States. They
will cause hyper-inflation as the government tries again
and again to “stimulate” by spending........ first, money
that it doesn’t have and secondly by just printing more
and more cash. We all know what happened to pre Second
World War Germany............. when it cost 2,000,000
marks to buy one egg.

Looking closely at this "marvelous" plan, which is supposed
to be the panacea of our problems, take note that a large
portion of this "help" will not be available until late
2010 and 2011. This will help us now?

Going back to the “Great Depression”, economists looking at
what transpired then, have shown that had Roosevelt left the
economy alone, and not interfered, this country was already
coming out of the financial collapse..........on it’s own.
His meddling caused it to last another two years. Was this
a “change we could have believed in”? One thing that he
said did make sense. “The only thing we have to fear.....
..... is fear itself”. Putting that into context.......
.... why are we messing around with the world’s largest and strongest economy?

Cut taxes, across the board..... NOW!!!!!...............
for businesses large and small, and for individuals.
President Reagan proved that by doing just that, federal
revenues actually rose, millions of jobs were created by
companies who then had capital in order to grow and hire,
and we had the largest and most sustained economic expansion
in our history.

........... but as I mentioned.......... the dems just don’t
get it! And if by some remote chance they do, why would
they admit that the Republican policies are what we need?

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