Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why is Obama so obsessed with the GOP

President Barack Hussein Obama

Lately they are the most sought after group in Washington D.C. and who would have thought after losing both the Congress and the White house in successive national election years that anyone would care about what they think. But interesting enough unconstitutional usurper President Barack Hussein Obama does. These days he cares very much about Republicans (See story)

What’s more Obama is fixated on getting the GOP to back his first efforts at leadership. Why? Because this is the first time that Obama has actually done anything other than talk about what he could do and of course he’s attempting to look in command and Presidential all at the same time.

Apparently Obama feels that winning GOP support will indicate to everyone that he is the one that Washington has been waiting for. Obama has said that he plans to bring an end to partisanship in Washington. The only thing is to Obama bring an end to partisanship means ending the GOP as an actual opposition to his plans to change America from a constitutional republic into a socialist society. Getting this horribly partisan and terrible flawed Stimulus bill passed with GOP support would be proof positive that Obama is the one.

Physician heal thyself

If Obama wishes to end partisanship he has to look no further than his own Party. It was Democrats who set themselves up as the Party of opposition in 2000 after Vice President Al Gore’s loss to George W. Bush and for eight years Democrats have beat a steady drumbeat of vitriol anti-Republican hatred. Might I remind you that it was the Chairman of the DNC Howard Dean who pronounced that he hated Republicans and everything about them. And upon that pronouncement Democrats from grassroots to Congress waged partisan ideologically warfare against a sitting President and his Party. (see Politics of Hate)

And next what does Obama do when he takes office? In a blatant and largely symbol gesture he signs five executive orders undoing what he and his fellow Democrats believe were wrong policies of the Bush administration a further slighting of Republican policies.

And finally at the first opportunity Democrats put everything that they’ve ever wanted to push through legislatively in an appropriations bill disguised as an $819Billion dollar Economic Stimulus Bill hoping that Americans were too distracted with the economy to notice their partisan game playing at a time of national distress.

Most, if not all, of the Democrat wish list is diametrically opposite of Republican values yet Democrats feel that Republican should forsake their own values and sign on to policies that will harm the Country and policies that will harm Conservativism.

If Obama wishes to end the culture of opposition and partisanship in Washington then he should order his Party to cease and desist in their over the top political gamesmanship.

Maybe Obama is seeking the credibility that he doesn’t have because of the way he came into office. Or maybe his overt narcissism and hubris won’t allow him to think that he can’t control what the Republican opposition is doing.

Many feel that Obama is a Usurper who conned his way into Office and used corrupted Rod Blagojevich Chicago politics and ACORN to steal the Presidency. Many believe if the Media had done its job and simply reported on Obama as they reported on President Bush Obama would not be President today.

Remember it was almost as if it were a threat in his victory speech Obama proclaimed that he would be the opposition’s President too as if he could force acceptance of himself on Americans who didn’t support him or Americans who didn’t believe that he or his Party would take America in the correct direction. (victory speech)
And to those Americans whose support I have yet to earn, I may not have won your vote tonight, but I hear your voices. I need your help. And I will be your president, too.—Barack Hussein Obama
Can Obama force the GOP to comply to his will? Or will Obama be able to govern for four years without clearing up the legitimacy issues that surround his presidency?

A Stimulus Bill that stimulates the Democrat Party

Right now Obama is focused on getting the GOP to support a terrible stimulus bill.

Instead Obama should go to the Democrats and have them rewrite the bill to focus on stimulating the economy only. This should not be a bill meant to stimulate the Democrat Party as it obviously is.

A clean Stimulus bill that everyone can agree to will indicate that Obama reality is who he thinks he is.

Until Obama can get his own Party to act responsibility now that they are in power he shouldn’t expect anyone but self hating Republicans to go against their best interest and in blind allegiance support a President who has vowed to destroy the constitutional traditions of America with his one word euphemism for destruction, that word is change.

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