Monday, May 11, 2009

Fundamentally redefining Funny in America

The annual black-tie dinner drew an astonishing cast of Hollywood A-listers. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were there. Singers Sting and Jon Bon Jovi had seats. And a virtual who's who of film and TV stars mixed it up with the smattering of journalists in attendance. --Rich Schapiro
With the rise of Jon Stewart as the premier “Journalist” from which most Democrats get their news it’s not at all surprising that the annual White House Correspondents' Association black-tie dinner would be dominated by Hollywood A-listers, film and TV stars only to be mixed up with a smattering of journalist according to Rich Schapiro. (see story)

There is a saying that, “Many a truth is said in jest.” However to an administration and it’s supporting media devotees who have been practicing Orwellian tactics of redefinition of truth it is probably more fitting to say that “Many a redefinition of truth is said in jest,” under the Obama administration! But isn’t that what Mr. Obama promised when he promised to fundamentally change the United States of America?

Interestingly, following is 16 minutes of an Obama standup routine. What is interest is Mr. Obama’s acknowledgement through comedy of some of the White Houses biggest gaffes to date and many of its concerns. (see 16:31min video)

And then there is the White House Correspondents’ Association choice for entertainer, Comedienne Wanda Sykes. Ms. Sykes’ mischaracterization of Rush Limbaugh’s “I hope Obama fails,” Is classic mischaracterization in order to make a point that could not otherwise be made. Sykes clumsily and unfunnily attempted to equate Limbaugh’s statement with the thought that Limbaugh’s statement advocates for America’s failure. It did not, any more than Democrats promoting and wishing for George Bush’s failure as president was equal to wishing for America’s failure. (see 1:12min video)
"I think Rush Limbaugh was the 20th hijacker but he was just so strung out on OxyContin he missed his flight," Sykes said. "He needs a good waterboarding - that's what he needs." –“Comedienne” Wanda Sykes

Could someone please explain why an event that is supposed to be for the media and journalism was only attended by a smattering of journalist but was well attended by a full on complement of Hollywood A-listers? (see WHCA site)

And what, no jokes about Obama’s birth certificate, I would have thought that an Illegal Alien in the White House, that’s essentially what Mr. Obama is, with no one in the media doing anything to investigate and report that story would be the biggest joke on America in American history.

But I suppose that my sense of humor is a lot different from Mr. Obama’s who said very subtly at the end of his routine about 15:09 minutes in, that Journalism at best is an approximation of the truth. (I don’t think the journalist in the room understood the implication because they laughed)
We look to you for truth even if it is always an approximation –Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, speaking about the media at the 2009 WHCAD
Hum, that explains why the Obama administration always corrects reporting that the media does. For example White House press secretary Robert Gibbs correction on what you, I and the media heard Vice president Joe Biden said commenting on the Swine flu (see video)

Now that’s funny Mr. Gibbs! Nothing like telling us what our lying eyes and ear have seen and heard, jeez and we have four more years of this Orwellian subterfuge?

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