Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Americorps: Unraveling Obama’s method for Changing America

The following video log shows how Obama used and plans to use community organizing to change America while answering the question why IG Gerald Walpin was fired.

Here are the uncontested undisputed facts regarding the scandal of President Obama’s firing of inspector general of the AmeriCorps program, Gerald Walpin: Walpin, doing his duty as AmeriCorps IG filed investigative findings accusing prominent Obama supporter Kevin Johnson Mayor of Sacramento California and former NBA star of misusing AmeriCorps grant money. Johnson subsequently worked out a deal with the Sacramento U.S. Attorney to pay back more than $400,000 of that grant money, that’s half of the $800,000 original grant in question, without admitting to any wrong doing. Obama fires AmeriCorps IG.

Here are some additional facts regarding this potential political corruption disaster for the Obama administration: The IG can not be fired by the president, on one day’s notice and without formal justification, by law. This law was cosponsored by Barack Obama himself when he was a Senator!

Inspectors General are part of every federal department. They are given the responsibility of independently investigating allegations of waste, fraud, and corruption in the government, without fear of interference by political appointees or the White House.

Last year Congress passed the Inspectors General Reform Act, which added new protections for IGs, including a measure requiring the president to give Congress 30 days prior notice before dismissing an IG.

The president must also give Congress an explanation of why the action is needed. Then Sen. Barack Obama was one of the co-sponsors of the Act.
—Byron York (see source)

Now just what is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps provides opportunities for 75,000 Americans to give back in an intensive way to their communities and country each year. It consists of three main programs: AmeriCorps State and National, whose members serve with more than 2,900 national and local nonprofit and community groups; AmeriCorps VISTA, through which members serve full time fighting poverty; and AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps), a team-based residential program for young adults 18-24 who carry out projects in public safety, the environment, youth development, and disaster relief and preparedness.

What Do AmeriCorps Members Do?

AmeriCorps members do a wide range of things: They recruit, train, and supervise community volunteers, tutor and mentor youth, build affordable housing, teach computer skills, clean parks and streams, run after-school programs, help communities respond to disasters, and build the capacity of nonprofit groups to become self-sustaining, among many other activities. (see source)

Now let’s tie this Obama corruption scandal all together. Do you remember candidate Barack Obama calling for a civilian security organization that is as well funded and as powerful as the United States military? (see 21sec. video)

Do you recall the billions of dollars earmarked for hidden community organizing projects in the $787 to $825billion dollar stimulus package?

The latest economic stimulus bill promises to do just that by providing a huge bailout --up to $5.2 billion in taxpayer funds -- for some of the same liberal groups that helped get Barack Obama elected.

The three relevant fiscal provisions are buried deep in the $825 billion monstrosity known as the proposed "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009."

Title XII of the spending legislation backed by the Democratic congressional leadership and the Obama administration would dole out $1 billion in old-fashioned slush funds for the Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) program. Local politicians love CDBG because it is flexible.

The program gives them wide latitude when spending grant money and allows local leaders to use federal dollars on local projects that they wouldn't dream of spending their own local tax dollars on.

ACORN loves CDBG because it is adept at lobbying for CDBG funds.
– Matthew Vadum, American Spectator (see source)

A Community group such as AmeriCorps would most likely be funded by the Community Development Block Grants that Democrats have tucked away and hidden in the stimulus package inside the Economy Recovery Plan thereby providing quasi-political arms of the Democrats Party with tax payer funding.
All of this is to do partisan Democrat work while using taxpayer money. It was this type of grant money that IG Walpin found AmeriCorps misusing.

You see it is through community organizations like AmeriCorps and ACORN that Obama intends to extend and cement his regain over the American people. And as you will see he called for so-called community organizing groups to continue their work even after his election. (see 1:46min video)

You see it just wouldn't do for AmeriCorps to be connected with the taint of misappropriating taxpayer money via the stimulus package granting. If the American people ever connected the dots realizing that taxpayer money, money that was supposed to be used to stimulate the economy was going instead to create unfair partisan political advantage for the Democrats they might not hold such a favorable opinion of the president and his Party. A President and a Party that would spending tax payer money under illegal and false pretenses.

Yet that is exactly what Barack Obama and Democrats are doing. Obama is combining social technology to grassroots organizing to create civilian security forces via AmeriCorps and ACORN just as well funded and just as powerful as the military. Following are examples of the brainwashed young people in Barack Obama's Army. (see 3:19mins. video)

Obama is also employing his community organizing methods to win the Health Care reform debate. Here is an recent example of Obama attempting to employ his community organizing abilities for Health Care reform from Air Force One (Listen 3:15min audio)

The economy is failing largely because Democrats did not use the moneys that they required of the tax payers to fix the economy. Instead they are using tax payer money to inappropriately fight partisan wars against their political opposition.

This is an affront to all that is politically decent and would not be happening save for Democrats in control of our government.

Finally for your consideration the following video shows the same pattern that Obama is repeatedly using to ensconce himself into power. A method that uses pliable gullible young people in large numbers who are organized to carry the Obama partisan message no matter what the facts are on the ground. (see 11:56min video)

With all of the community organizing fire power that the Obama administration has under it’s control it is simply astounding that Obama must risk the appearance of apparent lawlessness by inappropriately firing the Investigative General of AmeriCorps against all positive principles of good government in order to prevent the American people from seeing how their tax money, which was supposed to be used for economic stimulus, is actually being used. And believe me it’s not to create jobs. Although one could argue that it is being used to save a job, only one job Obama’s in 2012!

Finally the firing of Gerald Walpin should be a wake up for all but the most ardent Obama sycophants. Obama’s overreaction exposed the soft underbelly of corruption in this Obama administration.

Obama corruption so defined as using tax payer moneys to pay so-called volunteers to do the work of keeping Obama in office.

In totality the AmeriCorps scandal is about using taxpayers own money against them and illegally firing any whistleblower who attempts to alert the public of such crimes. Even if it is the expressed job of the so-called whistleblower to do so.


  1. What can we expect the young generation to believe, when they've been inundated by a near-monoploy of liberal values and distortions in schools and media.

  2. All the more reason that you and I organize to get the truth out friend!