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Obama approval ratings meet the reality of Obama deeds and fall

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."--Abraham Lincoln
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows thirty-four percent (34%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -1. Today is the second straight day the President’s rating has been below zero (source)
In spite of the Pro-Obama media’s 24/7 propaganda blitz, all positive Obama all of the time, there is developing a disconnect with the image that Obama image machine is trying to project and what the public is actually seeing in reality concerning the Obama federal budget, the weaken Obama economy and the Obama Democrat $787billion dollar stimulus bill passed by Democrats and Obama.

It would appear that Obama is now being judged on his actual words and deeds. rather than his lofty promises and utopian socialist goals.(see story)

For instance Obama promised in February 2009 when the Stimulus package was hurriedly passed by the Democrats that the $787billion dollar stimulus package would save and create 3.5 million jobs. He also promised that unemployment would not rise above 8% The reality is since the stimulus bill was signed into law by Obama upwards of 2.9million jobs have been lost from this economy and unemployment is at 9.6% and rising thus causing Obama to announce a speed up stimulus payout and reduce his original job creating estimate from 3.5million jobs to 600,000 jobs. (see source)

So let’s summarize, Obama originally promises in February 2009 to create 3.5million jobs if his stimulus package is hurriedly passed. After the Democrat stimulus was passed 2.9 million jobs were lost from the economy, so Obama recalibrates his promise to create 3.5million jobs down to creating 600,000 jobs by the end of this summer Got it?

Paul Gigot and a WSJ Editorial Report panel discuss the Obama numbers and these numbers are a hurricane Rita and Katrina disaster! (see 6:37 video)

These numbers are so bad that people are beginning to notice. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll reported for Monday June 22 a thirty-four percent (34%) Strongly Disapprove polling for the first time in his presidency giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -1, indicating that Independents and Republicans who supported and voted for Obama may be having heartburn for their November 2008 choice for president.

Now normally one would not expect the sycophants of the Democrat party to acknowledge that there is something dreadfully wrong with the direction that Obama and Democrats are taking this country but I came across this Sherman Frederick article published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal that is a must read. Frederick is a Democrat who in his words “dumped” the Democrats at a time when it’s all good for Obama and his posses following is Frederick in his own words why he left the Democrats (see below)

Jun. 21, 2009
Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal

SHERMAN FREDERICK: Why I dumped Obama's party

I was on political easy street as a Democrat.
President Obama, the party head, is a political rock star in America and a near-god in Amsterdam and Cairo.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is portrayed as grown too big to fail, and he's convinced everyone who's anyone in my home city of Las Vegas to join him on the Obama freight train to socialism. Next stop: Rationed health care, union card check and $10-a-gallon gasoline. All aboard!

Democrats own Washington, D.C., as well as the Nevada Legislature.

Meanwhile, Nevada's Republican "Luv Guv," Jim Gibbons, couldn't be on a more prolonged hard-luck streak. He's in the divorce from hell with the first lady, who for a time holed herself up in the Governor's Mansion; his staff regularly jumps ship; and rumor has it that the governor's dog has obtained a restraining order.

And, lest we forget, Nevada's most popular Republican, Sen. John Ensign, shook the party faithful by admitting to a nine-month roll in the hay with the wife of his good friend.

Nope, I don't think I could have picked a worse time to go Republican. However, because KXNT-AM radio's Alan Stock revealed my party switch last week, I feel the need to explain.

First, I'm not trying to time anything. Enough was enough. Could stand no more. So, when it came time to renew my driver's license on June 9, I also gave the Democratic Party the pink slip.

I pushed the DMV clerk the paperwork. She shoved it back and said I didn't have to fill out that form if my address remained the same.

"No, I want to change party affiliation."
"Oh," she said. "Had enough of the president, have we?"
"Up to here. I quit."

Republicans offer our only hope in slowing the Obama "change" juggernaut before the America of unbridled optimism and opportunity goes the way of the buffalo. I don't want my great-grandchildren growing up in cradle-to-grave government care, where only the privileged few may afford a car, or own a home, or get non-rationed health care.

The only institution positioned to stop the progression of the Obama welfare state is the Republican Party, coupled with independent-minded Americans like me.
Second, the popular myth that the Democratic Party is the party of tolerance and big-tent ideas is spectacularly false.

A fiscal conservative such as myself is treated by Obamaniacs like a ringing cell phone in church. "Shhhh!" they say. The only debate among Democrats is how fast and how deeply to run up the national debt. Any Democrat who questions deficit spending or a limit to federal power is simply not invited to the party.

And finally, I have reservations about abortion. Now, I know that there are many Democrats who call themselves "pro life."

But being a "pro life" Democrat doesn't mean you're "anti-abortion." It means that you are "abortion tolerant." The rationalization goes like this: "Abortion is the law of the land. Abortion is wrong. But abortion must be supported and expanded."

It's hardly an intellectually honest position, but all "pro life" Democratic office holders must toe that line. The moral dilemma is further compounded by the Democratic Party ethic that taxpayer money must be used to fund abortion, here and abroad.

For those reasons and many more, I switched. Democrats are probably happy as hell to see me go. And for all I know, Republicans may be equally unhappy to see me coming.
But at least as a Republican, I'm respectfully part of the discussion.

Sherman Frederick ( is publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and president of Stephens Media.

Obama please take a word of wisdom from one of your idols, “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time!”

When your birth certificate finally comes to light we are going to need a strong Republican reformer to go in and cleanout all of your illegitimate policies, every one of them; appointments and programs alike. The Democrats will be the most hated Party in American history. As well the name Obama will be a blithe on American politics.

Why, because Americans hate to be fraudulently taken by deceit by any man or Party as Abraham Lincoln alluded to!

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