Monday, June 01, 2009

It’s STILL, “Blame Bush”!

I guess the liberal media has really done it’s job.
Rasmussen Reports polls, show that fully 62% of
Americans blame President Bush for the economic
crisis that we find ourselves in, since this recession
started on his watch.

Of course, they don’t mention the major factor in
the sudden demise of prosperity, and the onset of
one of our worst recessions. Let’s not forget (though
the media would have us do just that) the Democrats
have been in control of the Congress since 2006, and
it was THEY who allowed the markets to collapse.

Barney Frank, the “Crowned Clown of Congress”, LIED
just two months before the real estate market crashed,
that Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac were “sound”, actually
encouraging people to invest their savings in those
organizations... all the time knowing that they were inches
from insolvency.

Facts and records SHOW, that it was the Republicans in
both the Senate and the House, who tried repeatedly to
force the government to provide more oversight into both
of those organizations. Senator McCain and others signed
a letter, addressed to the Financial Oversight committee,
warning of impending doom. However, the usual wisdom
of the Democratic party chose to completely ignore the favor of expanding the already dangerous
practice of giving mortgages to purchasers who stood no
chance what-so-ever of every carrying the monthly charges
Of course, this meant many more votes for the “Socialist

Now, in their infinite wisdom, the powers that be are
looking for a scapegoat, with the eager help of the liberal
media who is in their pocket....... back pocket I am sure,
for easier access to the area that they kiss.

So beat the drum slowly, play the pipe softly and beware
of the sleeping beast. For if it is awakened, we will see
once again, that intelligence overcomes ignorance, regardless
of media connections and George Soros’ millions.


  1. Dems have done a job on the minds of Americans. I only hope that Republicans will have enough moxie to keep telling the truth!

  2. "Blame Bush" means only one thing, there is no good news on the horizon for Obama to take credit for.

    For some real fun, go to the liberal bllogs and post something like:

    When is this Recession going to end? Obama has promised to end it this year, yet there is no end in sight.


    Obama has promised 3 Million new jobs by the end of this year, yet on this account, he has announced that Auto Workers have been "called upon by their country to make sacrifices", ie, unemployment, for the benifit of their children and grandchildren.

  3. Constantino........

    That is precisely why Obama has been laying it on so thickly.... claiming "crisis" after "crisis", and "impending doom" unless we follow his wishes. He calculated that after he had laid the groundwork for "major calamity", ANY sign of improvement in the financial situation would make him look good.

    Fact is, that on Bush's WORST day, he was a hundred times better for the country and it's economy, than Obama's socialist strategy.