Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Poor Word choice, Poor Vetting makes for a Poor Justice

Obama and Sotomayor

Barack Obama’s selection for the Supreme Court is in big trouble. How do I know this? All week long Democrats have been on the offensive with Judge Soto mayor, touting no flaunting her Race and gender all over the media while daring any Republican to say anything negative about the president’s pick.

Why if Republicans even as much as think about opposing the confirmation of Sotomayor Democrats threaten to send Republicans to political timeout in a corner where Republicans would not be able ever again to get Hispanic votes.

But a funny thing is happening, and not due to any bold and brave Republican opposition I might add, Sotomayor’s own words are coming back to haunt her and that’s putting Democrats on the defensive as they attempt to blunt the offensive and Racist remakes made by their own choice for the highest Court of the land.
"I understand what he said, and I'm telling you what he meant to say."Robert Gibbs, regarding VP Joe Biden
Obama Press secretary Robert Gibbs assures us all that Sotomayor would have worded her remarks differently if she would have known that one day she would be nominated for the Supreme Court. Pretty good Gibbs just like you told us what VP Joe Biden meant to say even though we heard what he actually said.
“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life”—Judge Sonia Sotomayor
Gibbs’ correction on Sotomayor statement is based on the fact that he heard from a friend of a friend who was overheard saying that Sotomayor was at least contemplative about what she said about White men who are judges.
Gibbs, told reporters about Sotomayor: “I think she’d say that her word choice in 2001 was poor.”
Gibbs, however, said he did not hear that from Sotomayor directly. He said he learned it from people who had talked to her, and he did not identify who those people were. Sotomayor herself has made no public statements since her nomination became official Tuesday and was not reachable for comment.
Then Obama himself steps into the void left by an absent Sotomayor who has apparently been sequestered away until this whole, “I’m better than White man” thing blows over.
Obama speaking for Sotomayor said … “I’m sure she would have restated it,” Obama flatly told NBC News, without indicating how he knew that. …(see source)
Not only is this administration good for speaking for other people they are absolutely famous for their crackerjack vetting process. One which allows tax cheats and now apparent Racist Judges to waltz through without as much as the blinking of an eye. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this “Terror on the Bench” as she is known by the attorney’s that appear before her was vetted through the Obama William Ayers, Tony Resko vetting process. After all other tax cheats and frauds have been vetted through by Obama why not a poor choice in a Judge too. (see here, here and here)

And then there’s this according to the Christian Science Monitor in a speech Sotomayor gave at Berkeley which was reprinted in the La Raza Law Journal in 2002. Sotomayor cited a couple of propositions that she accepts, both of which are deeply troubling. One is the claim made by Professor Martha Minow of Harvard that "there is no objective stance but only a series of perspectives – no neutrality, no escape from choice in judging." The other, made by Professor Judith Resnik of Yale, is that "to judge is an exercise of power." (see source)

To Sotomayor judging is totally subjective and is a way for one to exercise individual and personal power.

All of the above would lead Americans to conclude that judging from Sotomayor temperament to her choice of poor words which she has demonstrated over the course of years that she would make a poor choice as a Supreme Court Justice.

Republicans are powerless to stop her confirmation; they haven’t the votes to stop it. In addition they are too afraid to do the right thing and oppose this nomination, so once again this choice which will have grave affects on America will be the results of voting for Barack Obama and a Democrat controlled Congress.

Poor Word choice, Poor Vetting makes for a Poor Justice as does Poorly educated electorate, Poor Candidates make for Poor Democracy.


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