Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To Live Within Our Means, means nothing to Democrats!

California Budget Conference Committee Chairwoman Noreen Evans’ (D-Santa Rosa)
California is preparing to issue IOUs to its creditors this week as it grapples with an unprecedented cash crunch and prepares to begin its new fiscal year deep in the red.

Once the US’s richest state, California now has the dubious distinction of having the worst credit rating in the country
.-- Matthew Garrahan (see story)
Why are California and the United States on the brink of fiscal ruin? I believe it’s because of thinking like that of Democrats who are in control of the California’s State Assembly and Democrats who are in control of the Congress of the United States of America..

Listen to California Budget Conference Committee Chairwoman Noreen Evans’ (D-Santa Rosa) reasoning why she believes that her state is in the financial mess that it is in. (see video 1:38mins)

Well, there is this mantra out there - "live within our means" - and while that sounds really nice . . . and it sounds really responsible, it's meaningless.

Our means are completely within our control . . . We have just given away huge corporate subsidies in February; we have given away other tax reductions over many, many years; we've created tax loopholes; in good times, we routinely give away taxes, and then in lean times we never replace those tax deductions or close those loopholes. . . . So "live within our means" doesn't mean anything.

The fact is, we have a state with a population that have [sic] needs that we have a moral obligation to provide.
--Noreen Evans
On Wednesday California will issue IOU’s because Democrats have rusted out the once Golden state. Likewise, Barack Obama has already admitted that the United States is out of money. Washington Democrats like their California Democrat compatriots show their fiscal irresponsibility by piling on millions upon millions of dollars of more taxes via their proposed Clean Air Global Warming legislation that president Obama is touting.

They also propose to add millions upon millions of dollars of Health Care legislation. No money and yet the Federal government continues to spend. That’s exactly how California got into its mess.

And here’s another mantra for Ms. Evans, As goes California so goes the rest of the Nation!

Here’s an idea why doesn’t California and the United States at least try living within their means, sure we’d have to remove Democrats and Republicans who think like Noreen Evans. And we’d have to rid ourselves of Democrats who voted on multi-million dollar Global Warming legislation and Carbon dioxide reduction when there is no scientific proof that CO2 causes Global Warming. And there is no proof that the earth is warming. For that matter there is no scientific proof that CO2 is a pollutant yet Democrats want to place draconian taxes on you in the name the of up threat of anthropogenic Global warming

Talk about meaningless!

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