Monday, June 29, 2009

World Please accept our Apology for Barack Hussein Obama

There’s been an awful lot of apologizing for the United States of America here lately. (see videos)

2:16mins copulation of Obama Apologies

2:10mins coverage of Obama Apologies

And in that same spirit America would like to do some apologizing of her own.

First as the model for Democracy in the world we would like to apologize for the corrupt banana republic like 2008 Presidential elections that allowed a U.S. Constitutionally ineligible person to run and subsequently win the presidency of the United States of America. Barack Hussein Obama has run for and won the Presidency of the United States of American while at the same time spending over 1million dollars, to this day, fighting court challenges concerning his eligibility to run for and become president. These challenges started well before he received the Democrat’s nomination in the Democrat primary.

So second we apologize for the inept American Judiciary that failed to defend the constitution against this fraudulent claim to the presidency even though it is every sworn judge and justice duty to protect and defend the constitution!

We also apologize to the world for the ACORN voter fraud by which Barack Obama won the 2008 U.S. election. We apologize to the world for the Illegal Alien voting which occurred in the 2008 U.S. presidential elections because Democrats perceive illegal votes as advantageous for them. It was this voting that corrupted the U.S. elections.

U. S. elections used to be the world’s primary example of democratically held elections. But because Democrats prefer not to have eligible Americans only elections, they refused to have voter eligibility verification, verification that any third world nation would have (even Iran had voter eligibility verification)the United States is no longer a world example of fair and free elections and we apologize that we have sunk so low.

We also apologize for allowing the illegal international internet money that supported and funded Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign for the presidency. Obama raised more money than ever in the history of American presidential campaigning. Allowing outside influence and meddling in an U.S. election is not the way that a free open Democratic Constitutional Republic conducts elections. We apologize to the world for allowing Barack Obama to unfairly receive illegal internet money and not being better Stewards of our own system which made his election possible!

We especially owe Iran an apology because although there was no proof that where was any voter fraud in your Iranian election, the people of Iran were brave and free enough to take exception at their elections. In contrast, there was plenty of evidence that there was voter fraud and corrupt in the United States’ election but the lemmings of America who are supposed to the freest people in the world accepted the fraudulent results of their election without a single sign of disapproval unlike the brave Iranian protestors under a Dictatorial Theocratic Totalitarian regime. Sorry Iran please accept our apologies for Obama’s hypocritical chiding of your election results and process.

Then we would like to apologize to all of our allies that Barack Hussein Obama has dissed. Our apologies to the Queen of England for the classless gift of that Ipod complete with the “eyes round back in the head” Obama speeches on it. And our apologies for the DVD Movies to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, a thoughtless gift no doubt by the leader of the free world. We apologize.

We apologize to all the free people of the world for Obama’s Cairo Egypt speech where he basically condoned Islamic inspired actions that terrorizes the world and threatens the very existence of America’s ally Israel. We apologize Israel.

We apologize to the American workers who voted for Obama to fix the economy only to find that everything that he has done while in office has further exacerbated the worsening of the American economy.

We apologize to the American tax payer who under the Obama administration was fleeced out of $787billion dollars in a phony stimulus roost that was really intended to extend Democrat control over the United States.

We apologize to the American people who have just been put under threat by Obama and the Democrat Controlled House of Representatives with the help of 8 so-called Republicans for the Clean Air Act, Climate change legislation that has the potential to place a needless onerous tax burdens on an already out of work or underemployed American worker by taxing carbon dioxide in the name of Global warming.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and there is no Global warming. In fact there haven’t been any signs or scientific proof of the earth warming since 1998, however, there is considerable scientific proof that the earth is actually cooling. There is also proof that Clean Air legislation is a scam to tax Americans billions upon billions of dollars further damaging the U.S. economy. We apologize to every underemployed and unemployed American.

Dear America and World we apologize for Barack Hussein Obama’s dismantling America's free markets, for his taxing the higher-earning middle class into despondency, for his government takeover of the Banking and Auto industries, for his spending and taxing the nation into bankruptcy, for his attempts to imposing socialistic government-run health care, for his proposal to grant amnesty to multiplied millions of illegal aliens, for his seriously weakening our military and the encouraging of our enemies, for his conspiring with fellow Democrats to enacting crippling and fraudulent "global warming" laws, for his promoting abortion and same-sex "marriage" into permanent legitimacy, and for his conspiring with fellow Democrats in attempts in throttling religious speech with phony "hate crimes" legislation.

We just thought while the U.S. Congress is apologizing for slavery of the past we should at least apologize for the slavery that the Socialist regime of Barack Obama and Democrats has introduced in America’s present in the name of Hope and Change.

We apologize for Barack Hussein Obama America and World. Sorry!

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