Friday, June 26, 2009

Well!!!....... Whad'ya Know???

It seems as though President Obama is whistling
a very different tune from "Candidate" Obama.

Don't you recall that he criticized then President
Bush about keeping detainees at Guantanimo, without

It seems now that he feels that "certain" detainees
should remain confined "indefinitely" According to
the AP, which is usually solidly in his corner, he
is even seeking new legislation from Congress, in
order to continue doing that.

Don't you feel almost as though the next words out
of his mouth will be, "We won't be closing Gitmo,
anytime soon"?

My oh my......... funny what a sense of true
responsibility can do for your outlook. I guess that
he finally found out that there's a big difference
between talking a good game and actually playing it.

All that criticism about him being too soft on terror,
and likely to cause another attack on the US, might
finally be, "coming home to roost" like so many of
our chickens!

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