Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's a Pattern of Controlling the Press

White House Reporter Helen Thomas
[V]eteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas told CNSNews.com that not even Richard Nixon tried to control the press the way President Obama is trying to control the press.—Penny Starr and Fred Lucus
Helen Thomas, reporter is 89-years-old and has been covering White House presidents since John F. Kennedy plus she is an ultra-Liberal so when she takes exception at the Obama administration’s relationship with the press, well it’s simply “Shocking!”

In fact shocking is the word that Ms. Thomas used while describing what she and all other White House reporters are experiencing due to the machinations of the Obama White House. (see story)

Ms Thomas told CNS News that the Obama White House, which is self proclaimed as the most open and transparent administration in American history, is in the contrary the most controlling White House since Richard Milhous Nixon. What? No mentioning of George W. Bush?

Now as shocking as that maybe, it is a telling indication that the Obama administration is so over the top in its attempt to control all of the new all of the time that even the syncopates of the Obama media can’t justify using that Liberal pejorative epithet “Bush” when describing the political wrong doing which Obama is engaging in. Though unspoken Obama here is worst than even Bush!

Thomas went on to say that Nixon only wished that he could control the media but the Obama administration is in fact and in deed doing it. That is quite an admission from an ultra-Liberal like Thomas and it makes my job of pointing out the Machiavellian behaviors of the Obama administration much more credible to her fellow Liberals.

So just what is all of this Liberal infighting about? Several things really, primarily it’s about the message and the image of Obama. Obama enjoyed 100% positive coverage from the mainstream media during his election including the first 100 days plus of his administration. Therefore he is demanding no less loyalty as he attempts to fundamentally change the political, economic, and social landscape of America.

But the thing that brought about this impasse among the Liberals who work the Obama propaganda machine on behalf of the Obama administration is disagreement over the way the Health Care message was packaged and delivered on last Wednesday.

Whereas the Obama media just naturally reported favorably regarding Obama, it is now all too apparent that the Obama administration felt that the Health Care issue was far to important to leave to chance. So the administration began to hand pick reporters and instructed them to ask selected questions during the Health Care meeting. As well they selected the perfect health care hard luck story from the public, all meant to stage the perfect argument to the American people (like Sen. Clinton did during her campaign) for last Wednesday’s Health Care Townhall “propaganda” briefing. (see previous post)
“If you don’t have health insurance, you’ll be able to get the same kind of health insurance Members of Congress get for themselves.”–Barack Obama, “Closing Argument” speech, Canton, Ohio, October 27, 2008
Of course this was in hopes of turning the American people’s opinion in favor of Obama’s flagship issue of Universal Health Care. Which by the way is not the Health Care that Obama campaigned on if you remember Obama said that we should all get the same gold plated health care the he and his fellow Senators were getting at the time he campaigned for the presidency, not the Walmart variety that he is pedaling now.
During the last presidential campaign, then Senator Obama promised that any health care proposal that came from his administration would give everyone the same kind of coverage that Congress gave to itself. President Obama reiterated that promise in his speech before the American Medical Association in June.-- Sheila Guilloton (see source)
So it is the shear heavy handiness of the Obama administration in regards to staging Wednesday’s Health Care forum that in this rare instance has his even his comrades in media crying foul.

Yet this is to be expected from a tyrannical regime that uses language and media manipulation to change the very essence of what America is.

Will Helen Thomas and her colleagues in media begin to uphold their constitutionally granted mandated authority to report fairly and unbiasedly on the government? Or is the mainstream media just temporally angry that they were slighted because Obama didn’t trust even them to carry the water on his health care agenda?

We will all see which is true!

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