Monday, July 06, 2009

Obama promised No middle class tax hike. Yeah right!

Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs
"I can make a firm pledge under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.

You will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime."
–Barack Hussein Obama
When it comes to Health Care we don’t have to choose between a government run health care system and the unaffordable one we have now.

If you already have health insurance the only thing that will change under my plan is that we will the lower your premiums.

If you don’t have health insurance you’ll be able to get the same kind of health insurance that members of Congress give themselves
—Sen. Barack Hussein Obama
Read Obama's Lips; No new taxes on the Middle Class! Yeah right! So how does one defend the indefensible? Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs does it by a number of amateurish debating ploys when asked if his boss will break his word and raise taxes on the middle class. He defects, he demeans and he obfuscates. Some say that his antics are down right arrogant.

Interestingly enough he has not had to defend his boss against a hostile press like the anti-Bush press. No on the contrary Obama’s press has been an awestruck and worshipping press. But apparently things are changing for the presidency of hope and change.

After Obama’s Global Warming win in the House of Representatives he moved immediately to hawk his universal health care reform. What this means to the American people is a mountain of debt so insurmountable that it is breaking the back of the U.S. economy by an unbearable weight on taxpayers at a time that the American people suffer the highest unemployment rate since 1948, the American economy can ill afford the grandiose socialist schemes of the Obama Democrat Party at this time.

It is the weight of both Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the $700billion dollar bailout, the $787billion dollar stimulus package, $161billion Global warming cap and trade taxes(if the Democrat controlled Senate passes their version of the global warming bill too) , $1.6trillion dollars of taxes for Obama Health Care reforms (if Congress gives Obama what he wants). In addition because Democrats mismanaged the first $787billion dollar bailout there is even talk of a second multi-billion dollar bailout all new taxes on an unemployed and underemployed American people. It's beginning to appear that they don't care about the consequences of their actions!

These new taxes would be more taxes levied on the American people than any other time in American history and more taxes imposed upon the American people than by any other President and Congress in the history of this country.

Which brings us to our point, the White House press corps was for the first time, since Obama’s been in office, attempting to do their job by asking Gibbs if President Obama is going to keep the word he made during his campaign then he promised several times not to raise taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year while knowing that his health care proposal would in fact raise taxes on the middle class. In case you’ve forgotten his pledge I’ve added it to aid your memory (see 1:26min. video)

Now watch how Gibbs defect, demean and obfuscate when a White House reporter asked if President Obama will keep his promise not to raise taxes on family earning under $250,000 dollars a year. (see 50sec. video)

We will let the process work itself through? What does that mean Mr. Gibbs?

Obama also had to know that the American people would never get the same Health Care coverage that Congress is getting thus his campaign pledges were phony and were meant to be broken. White House Reporters Helen Thomas and Chip Reid ask Gibbs about the way that the President's staged July 1, Health Care forum held at Northern Virginia Community College's Annandale campus had selected certain Reporters to cover the scheduled event. They also raised the question about Clinton like planted questions meant to deceive and influence the American people. Once again Gibbs defects, demeans and obfuscates (see 3:50min. video)

The truth is if Obama gets all that he wants from this Congress taxes will be raised on everyone even though Robert Gibbs couldn't bring himself to tell the truth and say it, the economy will be ruined and America will be forever changed from a producer Nation to a low wage paying third world Nation.(see related articles here, here and here)

According to Vice President Joe Biden Democrats didn't guess correctly on the economy and they aren't right on Health Care either.

When Congress passes Health Care Reform for Obama your taxes will go up and your health care will not be the same gold plated health care as Congress receives. And more Obama lies will be exposed.

How's that hope and change working for ya?


  1. and yet our elitist leaders in the republican party sit on their behinds with nary an objection.

    no wonder they are so petrified of Sarah Palin.
    a pox on both their houses.

  2. Arrogant? Really?

    Well, yeah, that's how I would describe it too.

    I certainly hope that there will be enough Democrats to stand up against Cap and Trade bill.

    It blows me away that our Representatives voted for this bill without reading it. That is taxation without representation if you ask me. Hard to believe we've come to such a thing in our country.

    Add to this the Healthcare bill and I'm left terribly worried about our future.

  3. Anonymous3:18 AM

    O Great Alaphiah:

    When will the Lord Obama end this already interminably long Recession? Is Obama Almighty delaying to show the Great Evil that Bush has wroght upon this country by the length of delay of dispensing with this Great National Catastrophe?

    Each Month, the Unemployment Rate increases at least a tenth of a percent. Obama has vowed that if Legislation is not passed to propitiate HIM, that Unemployment will rise to above 9%. Unemployment is now above 9.2%. Is the Lord Obama testing the Faith of HIS subjects?

    Why doesn't the Lord Obama make haste to deliver us? Is HE trying to also send Bush and the Evil Republicans live to the Infernal Regions as part of HIS Elaborate Miracle? Does the performing of this Miracle get in the way of HIS timetable, possibly disruption of the timing of the Lord Obama's Live Ascencion to Heaven?

    Pray! Make Haste, Lord Obama, to deliver us!