Friday, July 03, 2009

Obama is Causing the U.S. Economy to Crash. Happy 4th of July

Nassim Taleb

According to Nassim Taleb, author of "The Black Swan,” the 4th of July fire works are not the only explosives that the U.S. people are going to see. Taleb predicts that all of the steps that the Obama administration has taken regarding economic stimulus and all of the media coverage about recovery are all wrong. (see story)

Taleb suggests that all of the catastrophic and dire warnings concerning Global Warming should have instead been for the U.S. economy! Taleb reports that the U.S. economy is very fragile and therefore will break or crash because of lack of jobs and because the Obama administration is not creating the needed good paying middle class jobs instead that are attempting to use market manipulations to create the appearance of economic soundness.

Following is Taleb’s 8:40 minute CNBC interview which is split into 2 four minute parts very heavy warning for a holiday weekend but we at Creating Orwellian Worldview thought that you should know what the consequences of your vote for hope and change has brought to this once great country. (see videos)

(4:20 minutes)

(4:20 minutes)

As I have posted before, this economy was based on good paying middle class private sector manufacturing jobs. Your government allowed corporations to outsource those middle class jobs to low wage paying Third World countries, while your government and corporations in sourced 20 million illegal aliens for cheap labor here in the U.S.. Both of these actions have combined and caused the massive unemployment and the most sever economic crisis since the great depression.

Nassim Taleb warns us that the Obama administration is not fixing nor are they attempting to fix the fundamental causes of this financial crisis. They and their media harlots are pronouncing recovery while we are in the middle of a financial crash.

The sobering fact is if this is allowed to continue the American economy will have been allowed to fail and we will hear again from the Obama administration the Joe Biden excuse, “We all guessed wrong. No body saw this coming!”

No there are those who saw this coming but Americans voted for the Party what would do the least to prevent it!

Happy 4th of July America!

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